Sweet old 80s: Welcome back!

For the minister of economy: thank for assuring us that you
are thinking for the best of Syria by issuing the sudden decision that
temporary suspends importing materials and products with +5% customs, it was a great
surprise for us and for the whole global economy, LOL.

For the people of Syria: do you miss the 80s? Do you miss
the daily 4-hour standing in line to get bread? The 5 days waiting to get a kitchen
gas tank? Well, miss it no more; for the high level of patriotism and extra
short vision of our current government will make you soon think of the 80s as
an era of comfort and prosperity!



The early payment of Salaries

*For the officials:

Thank you for the early payment of the salaries, it will help some people a lot. It will allow them to buy the expensive food, the expensive clothes, the expensive shoes and the expensive everything. But don’t you think that if you gave them a grant it would be more useful and they will be more thankful.

*For the employees:

Those early payments will never last more than ten or twelve days and you will have to wait more than 40 days to get your next salary? How will you manage the last 20 days of the month?

By the way, this is only an advice for the employees to be closefisted with their money and to save them for the end of the month.