IF he/she likes to drink tea all the time, THEN he/she is practical and doesn’t like to work or act in a team.

IF she likes warm drinks at night parties THEN she is looking for love and honesty in her life.

IF he likes warm drinks at night parties THEN he feels guilty and depressed.

IF he/she drinks too much and drunken dances at night parties THEN he/she is scatterbrained and suffers from mental alienation.

IF he/she likes having heavy special cocktails THEN he/she suffers from a midlife crisis or likes to live on Mars. 

IF he/she has a tattoo on the palm THEN he/she is honest, communicative and talkative.

IF he likes colored tattoos THEN he is childish and showy; he likes to be flattered.

IF he likes to take homemade sandwiches to his work, THEN he is practical, simple and might suffer from an endless headache.


IF Then

IF he likes Latino Music THEN he is sensitive, individual and he likes to be in crowded places all the time.

IF she likes Latino THEN she might be dreamy, she feels shy to express her ideas and thoughts, or she might be too aggressive.

IF she hates rock music THEN she may be too educated girl and she may feel that she spent many years of her life in vain.

IF he hates rock music THEN he might be a complicated, serious man, who looks for serious relations.

IF she hates slow music THEN she might suffer hard memories in love and friends affairs.


IF she likes her wedding to be as an adventure THEN she has a strong will. She will be great mother and wife.

IF he likes his wedding to be as an adventure THEN he has a free soul and could be a great husband, but he will not be a good father.

IF she doesn’t care about the wedding ceremonies THEN she feels that she knows more about life than she wanted.

IF he/she decided to manage his/her life together as well as alone THEN he/she will do the best and will succeed.

IF he /she refuses to have children 4 years after getting married THEN he/she feels he/she hasn’t had his/her share of fun in life.

IF then…..BALADNA ENGLISH iSSUE 349-8-MAY-2011

By Tareq Neman

  1. IF he likes to wear completely black clothes THEN he loves to be mysterious; he loves to think deeply and to be strong.
  2. IF she likes to wear completely black clothes THEN she is sad; she seeks tenderness and might suffer from great family problems.
  3. IF she comes to her first date wearing only black and white THEN she is so selfish; she likes to control everything in the relationship.
  4. IF he comes to his first date wearing white THEN he is emotional; he likes to have nightly, classy parties and he thinks that he should serve the girl.
  5. IF he /she likes to wear very traditional clothes THEN he /she spends his/her days as he/she plans; he/she doesn’t care about the future and life for him/her is nothing but fun.

4-may-IF THEN

  1. IF he likes to wear the ANKH symbol THEN he thinks that he is strong; he likes to interfere in everything and he idealizes himself as a god.
  2. IF she likes to wear the ANKH symbol THEN she thinks that she has the power to do anything  and to understand everything; she despises others .
  3. IF he likes to wear the symbol of peace THEN he is frank, weak and he seeks to communicate with others.
  4. IF she likes to wear the symbol of peace THEN she believes that she is free to do whatever she wants; she is a kind of aggressive.
  5. IF he/she likes to wear the symbol of his/her zodiac sign THEN he/she seeks to communicate or doesn’t have the skills to deal in a better way with others.


IF she is addicted to dieting THEN she needs love and to be settled.

IF he likes diets that contain only milk products THEN he is selective; he likes to stick to formalities

IF he/she changes diet every day THEN he/she is unconfident and doesn’t have communication skills

IF he has overweight and doesn’t care about it THEN he is rational, thankful, and sometimes appears confused.

IF she has overweight and doesn’t care about it THEN she is frustrated and lonely deep inside. 


IF she likes to sleep on the right side of the bed THEN she needs love and temptation.

IF he likes to smoke in bed THEN he is an adventurer and likes to have private space from time to time

IF he/she likes to sleep naked or half naked THEN he/she feels confused and seeks more understanding from the other

IF she likes to use night cream then she is jealous and loves you

IF he likes to have a shower before he sleeps THEN he is selfish and proud of everything he does, even if it was wrong