Nabil AL-Arabi General Secretary of the Arab League

Short rectangular face:

He is a patient man, he has the ability to think in two things at the same time, he is thankful, generous and he gives more when he believes he should.

Wide forehead:

He is an executive man, he can do everything he is supposed to do, he is not as social as he looks, he likes being alone and thinking alone but he cannot make the right decision at the right time.

Round circular eyes:

He is not talkative, he is a good and smart man, he has a big fear of making mistakes and he refuses to admit his faults, he is not good in confessing others with his point of view, he likes to be leaded rather than being a leader.

Small nose:

He likes to stand in the shadow and think rather than being in the center of the events.

Small mouth:

He doesn’t like to get involved with long term negotiations, he likes to open his heart and to speak about his feelings more than talking about practices, and he is an emotional man.

Small chin:

He likes to be spoiled, he likes to have the time to express himself emotionally and physically. He is good at evaluating people and pre-judging others according to his personal knowledge.


michel kilo Independent Syrian oppositionist


Rectangular meaty face: He is a first class family man, he is tender, loves to meet new people, he hates being alone and hates when he is not listened to. He prefers to give the chance to the new blood around him. He is a talkative and interesting man. He is practical.

Forehead: He is pragmatic, logical, and expresses himself through facts. Small close eyes: He is smart, he knows how to discover weak points in anybody around him. He spends most of his time reading or writing. He has the ability to recognize any face he saw before. He is selfish and has the ability to hide his thoughts and ideas.

Thick long eyebrows: He is little bit skimpy, he loves to supervise everything around him and he might not be able to control his anger. He can’t do anything without being the one and only in control. He values assertiveness and tends to have quite a strong personality.

Wide cheeks: He is a strong, tough man. Serious and loves his family very much. He is a man with hard experiences. He is a man of steady attitude. He is stubborn.

Beg wide nose: He has strong will. He is brave; he might not have the ability to work for long time. He is self-centered and he might feel that he is above the law. Lipless mouth: He might be a little bit mean and self-centered, he can’t fulfill his promises or he is used to promise people depending on his ability to full fill his promises.

Small chin: He might be unable to accept loss. He is a little bit too lazy to achieve his goals or to fight for his needs in the right way.

Haytham mana’a

Triangular face This signifies a cheerful, bright temperament, hyperactive and sensitive person. This type of face indicates disturbed married life. High circular forehead: He is a straight man, but he can’t take advantage of his straightness so he is ready to do whatever it takes to be the first, he loves to talk and to theorize .

Spaced narrow eyes: He is cleaver and cunning but he can’t think in crowded places, he needs to be in a quiet place to be able to give everything he is capable of.

Narrow eyes mean he has very good analyzing skills, he is the best one to explain and to present marketing presentations.

 Long nose with big end: He is generous, he is tender, but he is not brave. He cannot express or define his attitude when it comes to the red zone. He might have a long life, he might not be in the leadership of any big thing anymore.

 Lipless mouth (very thin lips): He is shy, he likes to talk to people who negotiate and refuse his opinions, he think that he has the ability to control others by his good negotiation skills Very small chin: He can’t handle long terms of duties. He is impatient when it comes to prove his point of view.

Hamad Bin Jassem



Rectangular face

He is a calm person, he plans for everything with cool blood, and he knows what he is doing. He is able to control everybody around him, but he can’t be neutral, no matter how hard he tries.

Deep narrow close eyes:

He is cunning, exploitative and successful man, he tries his best to get what could help him do the right thing at the right time.

Straight thin eyebrows:

He is a very fast-learning man, he is a good analyst, and he has strong memory. He has the ability to think about more than three things in one time. He likes to relax and to take decisions alone, he dislikes negotiating his decisions with his team.

Big rich nose:

He is a good leader, somehow a skimpy man. He refuses to interfere in others’ matters, he likes beauty and he might marry twice

Big mouth with big lips:

He is a voluptuous man, has a great ability to confess people and to communicate with them, he uses his verbal abilities to get what he needs even if he is wrong.

Mohammad Nidal al-Shaar

Oblong face:

Very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork, some of his characteristics equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

Exaggerated forehead

He is a dreamer, someone who needs a firm plan of action to go alongside his ambitions.

High long weak eyebrows:

He might be quite indecisive and sometimes lacks confidence. He is more thinker than talkative.

Vertical frown lines that appear between the eyes revel that he is a very logical man. He gets angry very fast, he likes giving orders.  He is a good starter.



Short medium nose:

He sets high standards for himself and is good mannered, he has a great money consciousness and he might be a little shrewd.


Strong jaw line

He has very strong values, he judges people very quickly. He likes to be served and to spend the times relaxing.


Moderate mouth:

He is a good social man but he might need encouraging to start new friendships. He is a very good executive ; he can’t plan without a team to council and to advise him. He is a sensitive man; he plays feelings to get what he needs. He is cunning and according to him the ends justify the means.

Robert Ford



Long rectangular face:

He is a natural leader, dynamic, always active,
intelligent, practical, strong-willed, physically strong and holds firm


Short low eye brows:

Inauspicious, smart, he knows how to deal with crises, he
doesn’t matter being an ordinary man, and he knows how to hide his feelings and
to think while talking, he likes to contact with other people and hates being
alone without doing anything.

Deep foxy eyes:

He has close eyes with wide pupil he is
cunning he knows how to read people’s reaction. He doesn’t need long time to
convince anybody with his point of view. He has a very good sense of humor, he
is humble but he can’t resist his love for plotting.


 Short narrow nose:

He is a healthy and wealthy man, the type of the nose tells
us that he is thankful, symbolic, and cognitive man


Lipless mouth

Such mouth shows the great ability of this man to plan and
to understand the hints and gestures of everybody, he might have some foolish
conclusions but he still can communicate and cover his faults in a very clever


Small chin:

He has a wide and short chin; he
doesn’t like to take any steps or decisions without discussing it with others,
he is not a man of war or peace.


Oval face:

He is an honest man, he is thankful; he likes to read and to
educate himself about everything, he adopts the good things whatever the
results are.

Wide huge forehead:

He is a man of attitudes he knows when and how to stop his
activities he knows how to deal with the critical situations, he uses
philosophy and logic to control his life.

Low wide eye brows:

He concentrates, he can’t decide any thing before long time
thinking, he like to consult other people, he is serious and straight but he
can be funny and sarcastic man sometimes.

Unsymmetrical eyes:

The right eye is smaller than the other one; so he is a
strategic man, he likes to plan and to put strategies for everything. He is a
hard family man he likes to stick to traditions, he is cunning and if you want
to know what is in his mind make him angry and he will express everything he is
thinking about.

Swilling under the eyes:

With big wrinkle on the right swilling, that means he is so
nerves he might get into anger hysteria if things didn’t go as he planed. He
concentrates too much on everything he loves to move step by step towards his
goals. When he wants anything he rushes for it no matter the price is.

Big nose:

He is a little bit skimpy he supposed to have long life; he
doesn’t like to interfere with things that are not related directly to him.

Small narrow chicks:

He is so smart he thinks that he can role the whole world
because he is always right.

Wide chin:

He is stubborn. He loves to deal with the difficult
situations, he is a little bit showy.