The Observers’ crisis


Isn’t it wrong to give the one you claim to be doing very dangerous crimes the chance to wash his traces? Is it logical for the observers to be led by the ones they should observe?!

On the other hand, isn’t it right that each stat has its sovereignty that it should fight for? Isn’t it wrong for the enemy to become the judge? How could Syria accept a protocol that has been made by the ones it accuses of being behind its current crisis?

Syria has come up with some amendments to the Arab League protocol in order to make it acceptable but the Arab League on Sunday announced its rejection of the amendments proposed by Syria to the draft protocol regarding sending observers to Syria.

The AL General Secretariat claimed in its statement that the amendments and changes proposed to the protocol by the Syrian side “would affect the core of the document and would radically change the nature of the mission which is to oversee the implementation of the Arab initiative to end the crisis in Syria and protect Syrian civilians.”

The statement said that the AL decision came “following consultations between the AL Secretary General Nabeel al-Arabi and Chief and members of the Arab ministerial committee in charge of the Syrian issue.”

Official Syrians Sources said that the changes proposed by Syria were designed to protect the country’s sovereignty and dignity.

Syrian officials do not want it to be called an observing mission, but prefer calling it an Arab League mission in order to be acceptable. Such changes, the sources added, do not affect the spirit of the mission.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said on Sunday that some phrases of the Arab League’s monitoring protocol were “unattainable” and reflected “unbalanced stances.”

Al-Moallem said that the protocol, submitted to the Syrian government by the AL to permit observers into the country to verify whether it has taken measures to protect civilians, fully ignored the Syrian sovereignty: “The protocol includes broad phrases, some of them are unattainable” the Foreign Minister said, adding that the protocol should come as a result of a negotiations between two parties and shouldn’t be dictated from one party on the other.

“We have nothing at all to hide,” he said, adding that all that Syria has asked for is to be informed of the places the AL ministerial committee plans to head to.

Syria has offered amendments to the protocol that don’t interfere with the nature or the details of the mission of the AL observers, al-Moallem said, adding that the amendments aim to facilitate the work of the AL mission in a perfect way.

He went further saying that the amendments came from Syria’s keenness on the national sovereignty and the government’s role in preserving its people’s security.

The AL issued on the 16th of the month in Rabat, Morocco a draft deal on the Arab mission of 500 observers to Syria and gave the Syrian government three days to sign it after the regional group suspended Syria’s membership.

On Thursday, al-Moallem suggested modifications on the AL deal. However, the AL rejected on Sunday Syria’s proposed modifications on the mission, saying that the proposed modifications introduce “radical changes” to the mission of the observers.

Syrian Views

These Ping-Pong media massages put us in front of big questions, the answers of which we tried to get from the people of Syria themselves.

Joumana. Na, 28 years old woman said: “As long as the observers keep their observations to themselves and the security forces can continue butchering civilian people, then they will agree to the League’s deal.”

Ammar. Ah, 24 years old, said: “The Arabs have been observing mass-murders among their people for at least 1000 years; now they want front row seats?! This is a fake protocol; they have put it only to be rejected so they can execute the American agenda.”

Iman. KA, 49 years old, woman said: “I can’t find any logic in the amendments, I can’t believe that our government is asking the AL to do such amendments, because it is clear that they are trying to fool everybody! When you have a war you cannot talk about sovereignty, the blood is covering the streets in Hama and Homes and they are talking about changing the title of the protocol! They are not serious, I was optimistic about the protocol and that it will save the Syrian blood from both sides (the protesters and the army) but the government had destroyed all my hopes in a new start that saves the Syrian blood.”

Nour. Sh, 36 years old, said: “We have seen the result of western interference in the Middle East: Chaos everywhere. I am sure that they-the regime-will agree. They have no choice; they will remain the leaders of the nation and bring changes. The nation will settle down. I suspect that the US and Israel, who have alternative motives could make the AL present such a protocol. This protocol could open the door wildly in front of the enemy, Mr. al-Moallem and his assistants had made the right choice by giving such amendments.”

“This revolution is a little about democracy and a lot about settling old scores.” Ghada. SH, 36, woman said. She added: “It was started by freedom and reform seeking Syrians. Now, its momentum is maintained by Muslim Brotherhood activists, and supported by Sunni regional powers, currently in a state of cold war with Iran, in addition to anti-Syrian regime Lebanese who have lost their beloved ones during the years where the Syrian army was in Lebanon. So, such amendments have been put to impede the observers, no one asks for such amendments unless he wants to hide something. The AL has made the right decision by refusing the amendments, they don’t want to be unfair with the Syrians, they are practical and they are working for the good of the Syrian people.”

Moulham. Za, 39 years old, male said: “Supporting a revolution for the sake of supporting a revolution is insane. Gaddafi came to power through a revolution. In 1979, young Iranians were chanting for ‘freedom and democracy’; look at the great example of freedom and democracy in Iran that resulted from that revolution! So, what the AL seeks is to implement the American agenda in Syria and to destroy the last standing country against Israel and the American imperial project in the Middle East. As for the amendments, I agree with Mr. al-Moualem, he is the man whom we should rely on to save Syria from the conspiracies.”

Ghofran. AS, 46 years old, man said: “About one third of the casualties in the current conflict were Syrian soldiers and pro-regime civilians. These numbers are provided by anti-regime activists. Out of the remaining two thirds there is a percentage of innocent protesters killed by savage murderers. There is also a percentage made of armed insurgents. This is confirmed by countless reports from Syrian family members and friends in addition to YouTube videos. And the government is still asking for amendments?! What the hell, I don’t believe the way they use to gain time, this protocol will help to save Syria from the coming war, but what I can’t understand is how did the Syrian officials manage to put more than 18 amendments to a protocol of two and a half pages, I have heard that they asked the AL to change the title! I can’t believe how cheap the Syrian blood has become!”
Ahmad. So, 36 years old, male said: “The rejection of the amendments is the proof that this league and committee is nothing but toys in the hands of America. All what they need is to force Syria to kneel in front of the enemy, but they will never see us kneeling. The protocol is a flagrant violation to the sovereignty of Syria, 500 observers to walk and move in Syria freely?! No one can accept that, they want to send their agents to Syria, Syrians can solve their problems, to hell with the AL.”
Farhan. Ka, 48 years old, man said: “With a regime tightly controlled by a sprawling military/intelligence apparatus, and its members armed to the teeth and fearful for their lives, supporting a weak revolution that has little chance of toppling that regime by force (with the unlikely possibility of military intervention in Syria) is only going to lead to more blood and innocent deaths. A more logical approach is to pressure both sides to sit down and negotiate a peaceful resolution.”

Samaoa`l Ja, 46 years old, said: “This protocol is the passport for external intervention, it will lead to nothing but more misunderstanding. I refuse the protocol and admire the government because they are awake and have open eyes that can discover the hidden plans and intentions behind it. The government is protecting our history and shaping the future of Syria and the Syrians.”

Hanna. AH, 34 years old, housewife said: “What a waste of time! Anything proposed by the west, is used as means of intelligence for future attacks.  Don’t do it Syria, they are not on your side.  Just go and finish your civil war. Russia, Iran, and China have your back.  Don’t fall to al-Qaeda and western pressure. They are trying to defeat you, to destroy the last reluctance castle against Israel and imperialism, this protocol is a trap, but they-in Syria-are awake and know what is going on around them, so Syria will be fine and will never bow in front of anyone, or under any circumstances.”

Global points of view

“World powers will do as much as they can to turn up the heat on the Syrian government”, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Monday, calling President Bashar al-Assad’s so called crackdown on eight months of protests “appalling and unacceptable.”

Hague was speaking before a meeting in London with representatives of Syrian opposition groups, in an intensification of British contacts with Assad’s opponents.


“We will increase the pressure on the Syrian regime,” he said, adding that he had spoken to the Arab League after Syrian government ignored its Saturday deadline to pull the military out of urban centres, free political prisoners and start a dialogue.

“The behaviour of that regime is appalling and unacceptable and of course we will do what we can to support democracy in Syria in the future,” Hague said.

Hague said international pressure had already been ratcheted up on Syria, pointing to European Union sanctions on Syria’s oil exports. “We are working this week on a further round of sanctions which I hope we can agree next week,” Hague added.

In turn, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the West was urging regime’s opponents not to seek compromise.

“We see a situation in which the Arab League is calling for an end to violence and the start of talks, while absolutely contradictory calls are coming from Western capitals and the capitals of some regional countries,” he said.


Those nations, which Lavrov did not name, are “directly recommending that the opposition not enter dialogue with the regime”, he said, according to Interfax. “This is like a political provocation on an international scale.”


Opposition’s views


Inside Syria, Syrian opposition members said that Syria’s stance was just a stalling tactic: “We have warned in the past and we warn again that these are the methods of the regime to waste time,” said Omar Idilbi, a Beirut-based member of the Syrian National Council, an umbrella group of regime opponents. “This is just an attempt by the regime to gain more time.”
Syrian activists called the protests after weekly Muslim prayers on Friday to urge countries around the world to expel Syrian ambassadors, a move they hope will isolate the regime. The protests led to more than 20 being killed on Friday alone.

Syrian authorities blame the violence on foreign-backed armed groups which they say have killed some 1,100 troops and police. According to a United Nations account, more than 3,500 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the unrest.


The protocol, the amendments, and the sanctions are the recent dilemma in Syria, no one knows what will happen for sure, but all what they know is that Syria should  escape this bad period and shape the new bright future as soon as possible.


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  1. I think the most difficult thing is to find a neutral mediator. This is what Syria needs , in my point of view

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