Nabil AL-Arabi General Secretary of the Arab League

Short rectangular face:

He is a patient man, he has the ability to think in two things at the same time, he is thankful, generous and he gives more when he believes he should.

Wide forehead:

He is an executive man, he can do everything he is supposed to do, he is not as social as he looks, he likes being alone and thinking alone but he cannot make the right decision at the right time.

Round circular eyes:

He is not talkative, he is a good and smart man, he has a big fear of making mistakes and he refuses to admit his faults, he is not good in confessing others with his point of view, he likes to be leaded rather than being a leader.

Small nose:

He likes to stand in the shadow and think rather than being in the center of the events.

Small mouth:

He doesn’t like to get involved with long term negotiations, he likes to open his heart and to speak about his feelings more than talking about practices, and he is an emotional man.

Small chin:

He likes to be spoiled, he likes to have the time to express himself emotionally and physically. He is good at evaluating people and pre-judging others according to his personal knowledge.


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