Congratulation, you are pregnant!

This is the word you’ve been always waiting to hear, you’ll become a mom…

But, have you considered the sequences of this pregnancy? It’s a wonderful period of the woman’s life not doubt, yet it’s not going to be an easy journey.


In addition to the physical changes and fatigue during pregnancy, there are bigger and more important issues for pregnant women to deal with.

Under the pressures we have in our life one can only ask how does the psychological state of a pregnant affect her baby?

Actually, most women put their psychological state at the end of their concerns list when they are pregnant; they only care about the situation of the fetus, place and date of birth and the necessary equipments to receive it.

Usually gynecologists don’t interfere in psychological details and don’t ask or give the pregnant  any psychological advises and instructions in this difficult period, so if you are a pregnant woman you should get some psychological information through reading or perhaps through watching TV programs related to this topic if you can’t ask psychiatrist.

Recent Researches now prove that not only genetic factors determine the tempers and mood of the child, but more important is the environment provided by the mother to her fetus while still in her womb, so in addition to a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients and vitamins needed by the mother and her unborn child, and doing appropriate sport such as walking or before birth exercises, the pregnant woman also needs to pay attention to her psychological state.

Exposure to a lot of pressure leads to the secretion of certain hormones which pass to the fetus through the placenta, of course the last thing the mother wants is that her baby would get anxiety and stress.

Researchers said that severe emotional and psychological stress experienced by women during pregnancy and even before, could be a factor in the emergence of fetal deformity, as studies has indicated that strong psychological pressure during pregnancy, such as job loss, divorce or separation between spouses, or grief over a dead person can lead to abnormalities and malformations in the fetus, because stress causes the rise in the hormone Cortisone, which leads to increase the level of sugar in blood, and reduces the proportion of oxygen in the tissues, which are main factors in causing birth defects to the fetus and premature placental abruption, while emotional stability of the pregnant causes the regularity of the functions of her organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys and metabolism, blood flow and regularity of the hormone system and many more, which helps the body to do its duty towards the fetus (the new guest) and gives him food and oxygen through the placenta.

The positivity and passivity in the psychological condition of the pregnant can be determined by how she looks to the pregnancy itself, some women deal with their pregnancy as a normal physiological event, they simply interact with it and live all its stages with utmost happiness, other women believe in some false beliefs and fears that are related to the period of pregnancy, which makes them live this stage with a lot of fear, tension, anxiety and panic, which affects them and the fetus and so the husband.

Mothers who have competitive work atmosphere and quick performance behaviors, and have the determination to overcome the problems, their children often have the same mental state, it means they are sharp, alert children and have very strong reactions towards the environment they live in, but it does not necessarily mean that they are frequent crying and hard to calm them down.

When the mother has an emotional stress, anxiety or depression, the movement of the fetus becomes more active and less stable, and the greater the psychological pressure the less stable the movement of the fetus, because instead of enjoying quiet and safe sleep, the hormones that enter through the uterus cause inconvenience to the fetus, and if these pressures were constant, probably the baby would be nervous, doesn’t sleep easily, and perhaps suffers from excessive activity, also from bouts of colic which happens because that the baby is unable to regulate his crying as he is overly sensitive to the environment surrounding him, and reacts to its changes through crying. On other hand, as the period of pregnancy is difficult for the wife, it’s also difficult for the husband, as every psychological and physiological changes happen to the wife it will affect the husbands in one way or another, he will not pretend that he understands this change in his the wife behavior very well, but a husband who can afford to deal with his wife, he will be happy at the beginning then as the symptoms of pregnancy increase his patience began to run out, and feels as if this woman is not who he married.


Enjoy the pregnancy!
Life in any place is nothing but a challenge, but despite the crowds of people, crowded cars, and the many tasks carried out by the mother under the time constraints, you can enjoy your pregnancy. Keep in mind the following tips:

* The anxiety about your pregnancy or your baby will increase your blood pressure psychological; ask your doctor about all what is going on in your mind of questions.

* Read as much as possible, reading will help you to relax.

* Practice sport, sport will not only benefit the circulatory system and muscle (particularly the pelvic area that is supposed to be strengthened to facilitate birth), but sport also helps to lift your mood. Yoga Sport is nice, it does not only help you to relax, but also it relieves back pain.

* Tell your husband about your feelings especially the feelings of anger or distress, this moral support will help you psychologically.

* write your diary, it helps you to write the daily activities that you have done and to express your feelings, especially if you find it very difficult to revel.

* If people around you are trying to entertain you let them do so, you deserve it.

* The most important thing is that you should be happy! The happier you are, the you’re stronger your immunity system will get. Take the opportunity of happiness and enjoy it.


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