Beginning of an end or End of a beginning

After a long and agonizing trip between Cairo and Damascus, the Arab League has come up with a solution for the Syrian dilemma that could potentially destroy Syria’s society, infrastructure and its strategic stock. This solution was to suspend Syria’s membership in the Arab league effective from November the 16th and to giving the Syrian government no more than 4 days (ended yesterday) to execute the now well-known Arab initiative, an initiative that has been officially accepted by the Syrian government, but “they did nothing on the ground to help executing it” according to the Arab committee.

The Arab committee also threatened to impose diplomatic and economic sanctions on the Syrian government and regime. The Syrian government and refused these “pre-fabricated decisions” and explained that the Arab committee is nothing but a tool in the hands of the colonial powers used to destroy Syria, the first and only country that fights against Israel and the greed of the imperialism.

Tareq Neman, Baladna

Mr. Youssef Al-Ahmad the Syrian ambassador to the Arab league announced that “The Arab League today-the day of the meeting-turned into a tool for executing foreign agendas against a fellow Arab country. We tell them: You will be defeated. Syria will emerge stronger under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad. We tell them: You made a bad bet, a losing bet and Syria will win, no matter what the deceptive channels say. The decision that was issued today does directly or remotely concern us. Syria had commitments in the Arab League initiative but the other countries should’ve also stopped their media incitement. We lost confidence in those cheap tools who were not faithful to their own mission. I have an obligation to say everything with full transparency.” he added. “Those who drafted this decision will be punished”.


Will be punished!!!!

This phrase holds many dangerous meanings and leads to more dangerous results. So how the Syrians understand this phrase? And what do they expect now that the 4 have all but run out?

Some answered on the streets…

Many Syrians (pro-regimers) rushed to the streets immediately after the meeting of the committee to express their anger against every Arab country that has approved the final decisions of the committee, accusing them with being agents to Israel and the Zionism. They attacked the embassies of Qatar and KSA, and followed that by attacking the Turkish embassy, all of this is claimed to be out of spontaneous anger.

Ahmad, 25 years old pro-regimer said: “This is an unfortunate step taken by the Arab League. This obsolete League has done nothing but promote the interest of the enemy of Arabs. If Syria can be punished for such actions then why does the Arab League not condemn the Western power, operating in the Middle East, who killed millions of people in Iraq and Libya? Why don’t other members of the League like Qatar give democracy to its own people? This dualism should be stopped. Today they suspend Syria’s membership at the time of crisis, and if Syria falls in the hands of Israel and America because of the actions of the Arab League members then who will be safe? So we should not tear our ranks and through ourselves into the hands of our enemies.”

Zafer Quadry, 48 years old said: “What happened to people’s rights in Syria. Syria has strong military and its role should be to protect against external enemies not to use the Syrian tax payers’ money to kill Syrian people. Wake up regime, learn from Libya and Egypt. Allah is watching over Syrian people. I agree with the decisions, all of them, let it burn.”

Azzam Safi, 35 years old explained why he hates the Arab League: “The Arab League consists of
1, Saudi Arabia, A US gas station and a good happy customer of US weapons producers.
2, UAE, a money transit center for US and western banks and money laundry center for low level criminal like drug smugglers in the Middle East and with minor tropical tourist attractions. Also a good happy customer of US weapons producers.
3, Bahrain, a US Navy base and a good happy customer of US weapons producers.
4, Qatar, a US air craft carrier that does not move and a good happy customer of US weapons producers.
5, Oman, a Trust fund for bailing out US criminals in the Middle East, whether they are mercenaries shooting people in broad daylight in Pakistan or Hikers in Iran.
6, Iraq, a country full of business opportunities for companies like Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, Xe Services (previously Black Water). For US citizens they can proceed there with no caution, feel free to shoot, kill, mutilate, torture, rape or do whatever you want, they can’t do anything to stop you.
7, Egypt, a revolted country which has overthrown former US puppet Mubarak, but pretty much nothing has changed over there.
8, Jordan, a complete joke as an Arab country.
9, Libya, a country that has recently overthrown its dictator and still has more than 200 billion worth of assets frozen and will be forever frozen in European countries. Also, the terrorists there who have been financed, armed and trained by Americans and Europeans won’t accept to lay their weapons down.
Seriously, these people want to criticize Syria? Or just want to destroy it? We have a very wise leadership that can stand against this conspiracy. There will be no war, our president is a diplomatic man he will never choose the war as an answer.”

Another man agreed with Azzam saying: “What is the worth of this organization? It is a group comprised of a bunch of US puppets and stooges and as expected they took no time to respond to the dictates of their masters. The greatest joke is that two of the countries in this group are Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the two who acted together as hand and glove to carry out the most brutal suppression of their Shiite population. What right do these morons have to suspend Syria’s membership? Americans seem to be unable to learn any lessons. All countries in the world act according to their interests except USA which sees everything especially in ME from the perspective of the interests of the Zionist Regime. It is ready to sacrifice its interests to make sure that the Zionist regime continues to survive. It influenced the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to come out with a fraudulent document against Iran, it coaxed the Arab League to suspend Syria’s membership and it is sabotaging a democratically elected government in Lebanon through its local puppet Hariri.”

What will happen?

According to the current situation in Syria, after the sanctions by the United States, France and UK, many political analysts seem to be sure that Syria will follow the Libyan path:

“I think there will be a wide war in the ME, I believe that Syria does not have the same natural resources as Libya, but Syria is important for its strategic geographic position.” Somar.Ha said in an attempt to analyze the near future of the ME and Syria, “If the West launches a war on Syria, they will probably have to pay a price that is much higher than the price they in the Libyan War. The war probably will even turn into a blasting fuse and lead the entire Middle East to an irremediable chaos. Therefore, it is a gamble for the West to launch a war in Syria, and it is uncertain whether the West will win or not. Syria has a far stronger military than Libya. Syria’s military is probably the strongest in the Arab world. If Assad resolves to fight to the end, the Syrian war will be much more crueler than the Libya war, with more deaths and longer duration.” Somar ended.

Amal.Ko, 28 years old, refused the possibility of the war: “I don’t think there will be a war, no one can afford it after the war of Libya and the chaotic situation in USA and UK, they are trying to push Syria to the end and force it to comply with the Arab League decisions. No war will take place in Syria and Israel will not give Iran the chance to hit it with a nuclear weapon.”

As another opinion; “From the West’s viewpoint, the Arab League is mainly seen as an alliance of dictators; however, expulsion from the ‘club’ will have diplomatically damaging consequences for Syrian regime. This is to be welcomed, for it will be the first diplomatic step on the path to the removal of the tyrant; it will also be the first official Arabic condemnation of al-Assad’s regime. So they will do whatever it takes to get rid of this regime , there will be a great war, the mother of all wars, USA and other countries will exploit it to take revenge from Iran, Israel will take the chance to end its enemies in Palestine and Lebanon. If a war in Syria occurs, blood, violence, and chaos will again become key buzzwords in the Middle East and North Africa. Under current circumstances, a Syrian war would cost Western powers dearly, and it would be an unwise move and a risky gamble to launch such a war.” Aktham.F, 48 years old said.

Nadia IsHak, 50 years old, said: “I believe that the president will never let it go to war, he is a wise man and he will step down if he surely concludes that there will be a war. But, as I think, what will happen is the following: The Arabs will discover that Syrians are doing the right thing, and they are ready to do more to avoid the Libyan scenario, so the Arab League will give the regime another chance to re-write the future and to end everything in a very peaceful way, otherwise, Syria will get rid of the Arabian nationality and will join the Persian alliance.”

Syrian only Republic, no Arab

“I know that the Baath party will not agree with what is going on and will take the decision that Syria will not belong to the Arab nationality any more, actually the Arab nationality is a big lie. Syria is too civilized to be part of the Arab nationality. I believe that Syria will get rid of the League and its crazy people and will start a new future far from their-the Arabs- ignorance and cheats. Syria is fine, and nothing is going on the streets, all the army forces are in camps and the protesters are becoming fewer more and more.” Huda Ahmar,23 years old said.

Many people have agreed with Huda in changing the name of Syria from Syrian Arabic Republic to Syrian Republic, and they all agreed that there will never be a war in Syria, too.

Omar Houmaid, 35 years old said: “There will be no war, if Western powers launch a war against Syria, al-Assad may fire missiles on Israel, which will plunge the entire Middle East into an even greater chaos. Not long ago, al-Assad said during a meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister that he would shower Israel with missiles if NATO or the United States attacks Syria. They are sure of that now, so there will be no war against Syria, but I believe that there will be a war among the Syrians themselves and it will be bloody and long. If you think that the situation in Syria will settle then you are wrong, the war will take place and last till 2014 the year of the presidential election. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to see a repeat of the Libyan scenario in Syria for many reasons, be it Syria’s strategic location or its important political role in regional stability.”

Kollet. GH, 39 years old female said: “Everything is possible; the Syrian regime has lost many of its supporters, even if this has not been openly declared out of fear of repression and arrests. If the Syrian regime guarantees the right to protest and commits to protect protesters or at least not to attack them, which is highly unlikely, we will certainly witness huge protests that will probably outnumber the pro-regime demonstrations.  The regime is going through a crisis which might lead to divisions within its ranks in the coming few days. Its structure does not allow it to exist except in the way it did before the outbreak of the Syrian uprising on 15 March. It will collapse because it will lose China and Russia and will stand alone and lost between the inside protesters and outside threats”

A man who refused to mention his name said: “The fog is overwhelming the ends, no one can expect what will happen in Syria even the most educated diplomats can’t Speculate the future of the Syrian dilemma. But all what we can say is that it could be better only if the reactions of both sides were logic and humane. Whatever the results are, Syrian people are waiting and expecting the worse because they have been a subject to a very dangers brain washing tactics to plant the idea of sectarian war and the new holocaust for some sects in Syria. So, it will be a massacre, the end of Syrian society is coming”

The final decisions of the Arab Committee are supposed to be declared late after this issue of Baladna is printed, and no matter what these decisions are; they will have a dramatic effect on the way the situation in Syria develops. This will be the subject of our upcoming report in the next issue of Baladna.


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