michel kilo Independent Syrian oppositionist


Rectangular meaty face: He is a first class family man, he is tender, loves to meet new people, he hates being alone and hates when he is not listened to. He prefers to give the chance to the new blood around him. He is a talkative and interesting man. He is practical.

Forehead: He is pragmatic, logical, and expresses himself through facts. Small close eyes: He is smart, he knows how to discover weak points in anybody around him. He spends most of his time reading or writing. He has the ability to recognize any face he saw before. He is selfish and has the ability to hide his thoughts and ideas.

Thick long eyebrows: He is little bit skimpy, he loves to supervise everything around him and he might not be able to control his anger. He can’t do anything without being the one and only in control. He values assertiveness and tends to have quite a strong personality.

Wide cheeks: He is a strong, tough man. Serious and loves his family very much. He is a man with hard experiences. He is a man of steady attitude. He is stubborn.

Beg wide nose: He has strong will. He is brave; he might not have the ability to work for long time. He is self-centered and he might feel that he is above the law. Lipless mouth: He might be a little bit mean and self-centered, he can’t fulfill his promises or he is used to promise people depending on his ability to full fill his promises.

Small chin: He might be unable to accept loss. He is a little bit too lazy to achieve his goals or to fight for his needs in the right way.


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