Syria rediscovers Ninjas!

‘Ninja’ is the name of the almost mythical sects of assassins and thieves in medieval Japan, they are known for their stealth, ruthlessness, efficiency and their astonishing ability to disappear and appear out of nowhere! However, if you are wondering about the connection between those medieval Japanese bandits and today’s Syria; read on… Is it possible for the regime or the government of any state to destroy its country to preserve one single lie? Isn’t it right that the world’s super powers and Israel were bothered by Syria’s firm stances and attitudes against their imperial tactics? Can’t they be trying to destroy Syria from the inside by supporting the armed terrorist groups? On the other hand, is it believable that the state which is famous for having more than 14 independent official security agencies with virtually unlimited authority could have this massive number of terrorists sprang out of nowhere and spread all over its territory?! Isn’t it the same state (Syria) that all its officials kept boasting for decades about its unrivaled levels of safety, security and stability? 

 The armed terrorist groups are invading the minds of Syrians: How on Earth did they manage to spread all over the Syrian land? Do they really have the power to hold on against the massive attacks of the law enforcements? What are their weapons? How could they return to the area that has been already cleared of them? Are they that smart and powerful or is it just the unlimited outside support that is keeping them active till now? Is that really what’s going on, or is it all a one big fat lie? State-run news agency SANA said “The competent authorities in Homs have seized two cars loaded with various types of weapons and ammunition on Homs-Tartus Crossroads as four wanted members of the armed terrorist groups were arrested.” While people on the ground said that armed men are nothing but the members of the security forces, they are shooting everywhere and anywhere! These contradictions are the daily bread of the citizens in Syria; many of them are supporting the story of the armed terrorist groups, while many others are refusing this story and accusing media and government of creating such a story to “justify the massive attacks on civilians”. The ‘I don’t believe’ camp Khaled is one of the people who lost a relative during the recent events: “It is a full war out there, the army and law enforcements are using all kinds of weapons, they are using military air crafts over the cities! I can’t understand how the armed terrorist groups managed to move from city to city and from town to town with such excessive numbers of security members and law enforcements! They are everywhere, the army and the security forces, no one can pass from one street to the other without presenting his ID, tanks are everywhere on the main crosswords between all governorates in Syria, I don’t understand , how are the armed terrorist groups managing to escape from town to town! Are they dealing with genies or playing magic?! I believe that there are no such groups but in the minds of the Syrian media people and their followers.” Ahmad Jamal, a 69 years old, retired teacher said: “8 months of fighting the armed terrorist groups and they are growing horizontally and vertically, what a lie! It is as if they are from Mars! Where the hell did they manage to buy weapons and armors to fight from? I watch the local news every day and they keep telling us that the army and the security forces are controlling everything in Syria, but after two or three hours they say that the armed terrorists group has killed so and so of the army members! Are they -the armed terrorist groups- invisible? At the very early beginning of the recent dilemma, they said that they have destroyed the armed terrorist groups in Dara’a, but, after a while, they discovered that there are some remnants of such groups who have managed to move to Edleb, then the same remnants have become an undefeatable army that needs more than 50.000 soldiers, and more than two months to destroy! Yet, after destroying them, they appeared again in Homs then in Hama then in Edleb again! Then in Damascus country side! Oh, while all what we see during the protests is the security forces and the army members. I live in a critical area in Homs and I haven’t seen any armed terrorist man up till now, actually I saw members of the defected army nothing more. I don’t really believe the story of external support, we all know the way the government follows to control the customs, the passengers and the money transferred from and to Syria. There are no armed terrorists groups, people are simply defending themselves.” “During the last eight months many officials said that they will present the overwhelming evidences about the well organized armed terrorist groups, but they haven’t yet! All what we saw are well –ordered weapons and some dizzy people! Every time I saw an interview with a supposed terrorist guy, I became sure that there are no organized terrorist groups, because such people and such wishy-washy people can’t be organized in the way they are supposed to be in order to be able to invade Syria the way they did or they are claimed to have done” Saloum .H, 28 years old employee said. Najat .H.A, 57 years, house wife and former CEO in a famous company expressed her feeling and anger against such stories and contradictions in the official statements during the last eight months: “I strongly advise the local media to respect our minds and to avoid the dangerous contradictions in what they announce, in my opinion if they are really organized groups why didn’t they show themselves on the TV or through the internet to announce their demands and their existence? Are they working in the shadow just to destroy Syria without any purpose? Do they not have requests? Would they not ask to share the authority when the regime falls? How would they prove that they were here? I don’t know, but the big disaster is if they are not organized groups how the hell did they manage to spread all over Syria in this fast and well-studied way, where were all those security forces during the last ten years? What were they doing if they couldn’t manage to discover thousands and thousands of weapons spread all over Syria? We all know the strong and ultimate authority that such officials and members have. It is very dangerous to find yourself in front of two painful choices: Believing in the idea of the organized armed groups which means that our army and security troops are not able to stand against any external danger without destroying Syria, or to believe in the idea that they are small terrorists groups which means that we don’t have any qualified official security agency! The big shocking fact is how could they be the protectors of the Palestinian cause while they can’t protect the land that they are supposed to protect in the first place?! There are no armed groups, in my belief it is the people who been struck and violated, the only people who shoot the army and security forces are the defected army members.” Najat concluded.

 “Don’t you think that terrorists should hit the enemy army and areas? So, if these armed groups do exist then they should attack Aleppo and Damascus” Abdo Al-rahim, 45 years old, carpenter said, “why don’t we see the armed groups in the pro-regime areas? Is it reasonable that there is not even one armed terrorist man or woman in a city of more than 6 million people, is it easier to hide in a small town than in a giant city? The armed terrorist groups are nothing but a scare crow to control weak people.” He concluded. The ‘I believe’ camp Buthaina Shaaban, a top adviser to president Bashar al-Assad argued that the government is not attacking peaceful protesters: “Security forces are there against armed groups, we’re not targeting demonstrators. I think peaceful demonstrators have made their point, and they are making their point every day. We have no problem with that.” Shaaban said that the government would like to “talk to peaceful demonstrators” and is not opposed to peaceful protests. What it wants to do, however, is to “isolate armed militants.” Shaaban said that while demonstrators have “legitimate grievances,” there are extremists who are using protests “as a cover to incite sectarian violence in Syria” and are badly hurting the economy. This is the formal story of the Syrian government about the armed terrorist groups in Syria; this story is adopted by the all pro-regimers in Syria. Pro-regime people are so optimistic and appreciative regarding the efforts of the law enforcements to control the situation in Syria: “They are dying there; do you think that the Armey is losing such huge number of its member just for the sake of a lie? Of course not, Syria is full of terrorist groups; they are destroying and killing and raping Syrians, every day we see them admitting their crimes on national TV. How did they manage to spread all over Syria? Well, they didn’t they were already in all Syrian cities, they have been planning for these massacres for a long time, so they are in everywhere by now. Don’t you ever think that they moved from governorate to another? No, they are a well-organized terrorist network, they were here before the eight months you are talking about, and they are in Damascus and Aleppo too, but, as everyone knows, they form what we call ‘sleeper cells’, they are waiting for the zero hour to start attacking the innocent people here and there. They are well armed people, they have very advanced communication technologies, and they have American and Israeli weapons. They hide them once the army enters the city and they pretend that they are peaceful protesters and once the army leaves this city they get back to their work of destruction and rioting.” Osama, 37 years old, Head officer in cars agency said. Ahmad.E.D, 28 years old, employee said: “When half of the world is conspiring against Syria, don’t ask how they managed to spread in Syria? And how did they get their financial support? 65000 people are engaged and involved with this; Syria has 14 governorates and 65000 terrorists, with some math you will discover that each governorate will have 4643 armed men! They are a fully-armed army and they are increasing, because they are tempting weak and poor people with money. Syria is facing the biggest danger ever, I watch their confessions; they are not humans, they kill for money, all of them have admitted that they took money for shooting the protesters and the law enforcements, they have tons of weapons and tons of armories.” About how did they manage to organize themselves under the nose of the famed security system in Syria Ahmad said: “Syria has long uncontrollable borders with Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon and we all know the military history of those countries? Even the most developed country in the world, the US, cannot control its borders with Mexico. So, if we suppose that after 2003 -the occupation of Iraq- the terrorist managed to smuggle only one pistol, one machine gun, one RPG, one box of ammunition and one grenade per day can you imagine the number after 8 years?! It will be about 5040 piece each witch means that there are more than 25500 illegal weapons! Of course such terrorist groups will manage to smuggle more than one, let us say they can smuggle 100 each day and you do the math. Syrian borders are more than 2200 km and no one country on earth can have full control on its borders. They are snuggling people to France and Italy, which is easier to smuggle a 190cm tall man or a gun?” “What are you talking about?” Sanaa wondered when I asked her if she thinks that Syria is full of armed groups or not: “are you still asking if they do exists or not? Oh my god, all the dead bodies are not enough for you to admit there are armed terrorists groups?! I can’t believe that there are people who don’t believe the government! They are killing law enforcements and civilians there. They are moving from town to town, using smart and advanced ways to take cover and to hide. Of course they are organized, they are taking their orders from Mr. Arour, the juggler of this world, he gives them the orders on air, he guides them -the Arourian people-, they are moving from town to town tempting the people of Syria, and giving them money to mobilize them against the authorities. They are the armed hand of the so called Syrian National Council. So, of course they are organized and guided by external forces, but they will lose at the end, no one can stand against the will of the Syrians and against the wise leadership of president al-Assad. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves and children for the sake of Syria under the leader ship of Bashar al-Assad, and the Arourian people will feel sorry too late, and will never have a place among us. We are the honest and the people who have the right to enjoy Syria not them.” She added, Sana is 39 years old, civil engineer. Today’s plants will bear the fruits of tomorrow Under this atmosphere of confusion, people from both sides are dying and entire neighborhoods are being destroyed in the absence of wise and logic actions and reactions. Whether there are armed groups or not, Syrian should pay more attention to the future and should remember that future is the fruit of the tree we plant today. According to a none-official survey on facebook, the numbers of the people who believe that there are no armed groups in Syria exceed those of the people who do believe in their existence.



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