Haytham mana’a

Triangular face This signifies a cheerful, bright temperament, hyperactive and sensitive person. This type of face indicates disturbed married life. High circular forehead: He is a straight man, but he can’t take advantage of his straightness so he is ready to do whatever it takes to be the first, he loves to talk and to theorize .

Spaced narrow eyes: He is cleaver and cunning but he can’t think in crowded places, he needs to be in a quiet place to be able to give everything he is capable of.

Narrow eyes mean he has very good analyzing skills, he is the best one to explain and to present marketing presentations.

 Long nose with big end: He is generous, he is tender, but he is not brave. He cannot express or define his attitude when it comes to the red zone. He might have a long life, he might not be in the leadership of any big thing anymore.

 Lipless mouth (very thin lips): He is shy, he likes to talk to people who negotiate and refuse his opinions, he think that he has the ability to control others by his good negotiation skills Very small chin: He can’t handle long terms of duties. He is impatient when it comes to prove his point of view.


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