King Gandhi II!

“I don’t think there’s anybody in the region or outside who knows how to tackle the Syria issue. I’ve spoken to Bashar twice. I have sent the chief of the royal court to see him on several occasions. Not that we’ve got anything perfect, but you know, national dialogue and outreach – and they’re not really interested in what we have to say. So, we’re trying to keep the channels of communication open and watching with great concern how things are going to develop there”

 King Abdullah II. King of Jordan


Those lethal tomatoes!

“We are concerned about a campaign of regime-led incitement targeted personally at Ambassador Ford by the state-run media of the government of Syria and we are concerned about the security situation that that has created. I want to take this opportunity to call on the government of Syria to immediately end its smear campaign of malicious and deceitful propaganda against Ambassador Ford.”

US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland


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