Old traditional beliefs about pregnancy in Syria

Syrians are social people; they take care of their families and their parents. In Syria you can meet with the old generation and the young ones, all of them respect the principles of the other.

Just like every civilization, people in Syria have their own traditions and methods that help them to go on in life, such methods have very powerful impact on them; many of Syrians follow them as holly instructions, they use them in all fields of life and they consider the people who said it as messengers.

We will talk today about pregnancy and the traditional beliefs of the people regarding it.


The night of (Ordering the baby)

The majority of the Syrians believe that if a man ‘order his baby’ one night before al-Adha Eid, then the boy will get birth with six or more than five fingers. Funny, but they believe it as a presupposition, they believe that if a man imagined a woman when he is having sex with his wife the boy will become a homosexual! Many people believe that if you ordered the baby during the night before Saturday the baby will be a big lire and womanizer. Don’t order the baby under a fruit tree because the baby will be a mule and stubborn! The best nights to ‘order a baby’ are Thursday nights; the baby will be smart good thinker or genius.


Cravings in our issue means: when a woman starts her first or second month of pregnancy, she will feel that she needs a specific type of food, or she wants to do something so wired. So, according to the traditional public science in Syria (cravings) indicates many points and facts; when woman cravings to eat sour foods she is supposed to have a baby boy, craving for sweet delicious foods mean that she is pregnant with a baby girl. Cravings according to the Syrian old people are the stage that depend on to identify everything about the baby and the woman type; so when a woman is in the cravings period-if we can call it-she should kiss the nice and beautiful boys and girls in order to get a nice and beautiful baby she should kiss them and pinch the upper left side of her abdomen, by this way only she will get as beautiful baby as the one she kissed. On the contrary, if she cravings for a sort of food that she couldn’t get or eat she shouldn’t touch any part of her body, why? According to them-the older people-she will have a baby with something similar to the food on his/her body, for example, if she cravings to eat a strawberries, but she could get some, and exactly after this craving , she scratched her cheek the baby will have a red, dotted, prominent, and big mole on his/her cheek.

Cravings traditions are so wired and shocking, such as, if she-during the cravings period-hates her husband the most that she can’t bare seeing him next to her or even smiling his perfume, or hearing his voice, then she is full in love with him, it is obvious that they consider the feeling during the cravings will turn upside down.


Doctors opinions:

If she likes sour tastes more in the second and third trimesters than in the first trimester or before pregnancy. Like a preference for sweet tastes, a sour preference helps women get a more varied diet later in pregnancy so they can get enough calories; yen for sour foods also seems to explain the classic pickle craving. And since fruit is typically a combination of sweet and sour tastes, it also explains why fruit is the most common pregnancy craving.

If she is showing an increased preference for salty tastes, which would include foods like potato chips and pickles (again!) as their pregnancy went along. During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases, so this taste change may be tied to her greater need for sodium.

If she has an intensified perception of bitterness during the first trimester, Scientists suspect that being able to isolate bitter tastes during pregnancy is an evolutionary protection, because many toxic plants and fruits taste bitter. This taste change helps warn pregnant women against consuming poisons, such as alcohol, during critical phases of fetal development, agrees Dr. Duffy. Interestingly, the aversion to bitter tastes typically lessens by the third trimester, when the crucial phases of fetal development have ended.


How did they predict the gender of the baby?

According to old people, the body of the pregnant woman will tell everything about the baby, so if she used to sleep on her lift side then she is holding a baby girl while, the right side indicates that she is holding a baby boy. They look to her heel if its color is greenish so she is holding a baby boy if not so it is a girl, another shocking tradition is that if she hated her husband very much during the pregnancy so she is holding a baby boy if not so it is a girl. They said that if the baby was energetic and kicks his mother most the time, so it should be a baby boy, and if she used to feel that there is a hair in her mouth after four months of pregnancy so she is having a baby girl. The beautiful sign of having a baby boy is that she will look so beautiful, sexy, and hot. While if she is holding a girl her body will become too fat and will got a swell face.

What we have already read was funny and interesting it seems weird but here in Syria the majority believes in it.

Now we will talk about how the hell did they managed to choose the gender of the baby without any medical tests or researches?

They believed in nothing but food and body so, they advise the woman who used to give birth to females only, to eat sweet foods ten days before the full moon then she should fast five days, then she should ask her husband to do his work with her, so after the flood attack her she should sleep on her right side till the morning, so she will have a baby boy. They advised the woman to stop eating green apples if she wants to get baby boy.

They managed to solve the Infertility:

No matter what the reason was, they used to advice many things that could surprise you.

They used to give a new born baby to the sterile woman to put it into her clothes and to move him/her down and up seven times then she will get pregnant. Sometimes they used to press her breasts with very tight bra for one month then she will get pregnant!

Those wired habits or traditions were the therapy at that time, and we were told that all those traditions are true and that they solved and are still solving the problems, they have never been wrong.


One thought on “Old traditional beliefs about pregnancy in Syria

  1. Noone except God can decide the gender of the baby. The number and type of cromozoms too. Rest is old traditional belief. Even in my country. We can find an explanation thinking how important matter a baby means for a couple.

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