Mohammad Nidal al-Shaar

Oblong face:

Very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork, some of his characteristics equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships.

Exaggerated forehead

He is a dreamer, someone who needs a firm plan of action to go alongside his ambitions.

High long weak eyebrows:

He might be quite indecisive and sometimes lacks confidence. He is more thinker than talkative.

Vertical frown lines that appear between the eyes revel that he is a very logical man. He gets angry very fast, he likes giving orders.  He is a good starter.



Short medium nose:

He sets high standards for himself and is good mannered, he has a great money consciousness and he might be a little shrewd.


Strong jaw line

He has very strong values, he judges people very quickly. He likes to be served and to spend the times relaxing.


Moderate mouth:

He is a good social man but he might need encouraging to start new friendships. He is a very good executive ; he can’t plan without a team to council and to advise him. He is a sensitive man; he plays feelings to get what he needs. He is cunning and according to him the ends justify the means.


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