‘Woman + Car’ a recipe for trouble

Driving is a joy, driving in traffic is ok, but driving behind a female driver is an adventure! Is it right that woman can’t drive safely or is it just a manly myth?

Baladna, Tareq Neman

As we all know, or let me say: As most of us know, driving behind a woman’s car is a suitable work for low-blood pressure people, because it will raise your blood pressure in no time at all, it will push men to learn new curses, especially when they pretend that you are not there, or when they can’t see your van or bus! Imagine , the streets of Damascus, and I’m talking about Damascus only because it has the highest percent of driving women in Syria, streets are narrow and crowded, traffic is the only thing that you can see, smoke is filling the place, it is summer time at 4pm , the sun is making your car nothing short of a microwave , and a small car is waddling to the right and to the left  in front of you, its speed is 20km/h while the speed limit on the street is 60 or 80 km/h what would you do?! sometimes you will use the horn once then twice then and repeatedly, but no use, you will think that she is deaf but you will discover that she is not when she raises her hand to ask you through here rear mirror “WHAT?!”, as if she was right and you are asking her to break the rule! You will try to use the lights to make here change the lane to the right side of street to allow you to pass, but you will see her pushing the rear mirror up to avoid your savage move! So as a final choice you will decide to pass her from the right side and once you start your move she will go to the right without any deliberate intention! Here at this moment you lose your temper and start to curse and spell all kinds of bad words even if you were some kind of an angel!

Anyway, this five minutes or more will make your day, sometimes we meet with very committed female drivers, they use the horn, they know the traffic lights and signs, they know how to read the lanes on the streets and know how to park their cars, but the problem is that they are females! So they are emotional, and emotional people can’t make right decisions at the right time, so you may notice some women using the right turning signal1 km before the turn, while some of them use it exactly after the turn because they forgot to so before and they don’t want to be seen as a bad drivers in case someone noticed that!!

If the woman fought with her husband or boy friend, she will consider that all men are the same, and will take revenge of all drivers on the street. she will never listen to the horns, she will drive slowly or fast according to the mood, she will use the high beam at night, because men are not faithful, you will meet with a female driver that uses something to hold the steering wheel because she has a bacteria phobia, so in order to control the steering wheel she will drive slowly on the highway. Sometimes you will meet with women who afraid of the loud voices so once you use your horn they will stop in the middle of the street and will put her hands over their ears and cry, I will never talk about the way they park the cars. Anyway, i am not prejudiced against the female drivers, but according to researches; women drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. Researchers looked at 6.5million car crashes and found a higher than expected number of accidents between two female drivers. They also discovered that women have a tough time negotiating crossroads, T-junctions and slip roads. The results are even more surprising, given that men spend more time behind the wheel than women. On average, men drive 60 per cent of the time, and women 40 percent, the results indicate that in certain crash scenarios, male-to-male crashes tend to be under-represented and female-to-female crashes tend to be over-represented. So in order to be more professional driver –not adventurer or driving a car while reading all kinds of holly prayers- you, as a female, should follow some instructions;

Don’t run out of fuel. Get into the habit of filling the car when the tank’s half empty rather than waiting for the warning light.

Check fluid levels regularly. The handbook will show you how, and tell you the specification of oils, antifreeze… etc.  Don’t think that the car is your husband, it will never refresh by its own efforts.

Check the tiers condition and pressure regularly. Get damaged or excessively worn tiers renewed, and don’t forget to check the spare while. You can use your feet if you are afraid from getting dirty but you should check them every morning, getting faults diagnosed and fixed promptly is better than waiting for them to get worse or hoping they’ll go away.

If a warning light stays on, in some cases you can keep driving safely, but of course the warning lights are not to decorate your car. Go to the expert.



–         Look for car parkimgs displaying the ‘Park Mark’ logo.

–         Wait until you’re close to the car before unlocking it, and if the car design allows it, unlock the driver’s door only.

–         If you parked on the street choose a busy, well-lit place, and have your car keys ready as you return to the car.


On the street:

–         Try not to avoid others and feel responsible.

–         Try to know more about what men call it ‘drivers’ communication language’ and don’t suppose that every light beam use is an abuse.

–         When you see a car with a male driver; don’t deal with it depending on ‘the driver is nice’ or don’t just try to deal with it as a machine with a specific way to drive.

The last note that I wish all women should know is that driving a car is an art, not a challenge that we have to win.


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