Robert Ford



Long rectangular face:

He is a natural leader, dynamic, always active,
intelligent, practical, strong-willed, physically strong and holds firm


Short low eye brows:

Inauspicious, smart, he knows how to deal with crises, he
doesn’t matter being an ordinary man, and he knows how to hide his feelings and
to think while talking, he likes to contact with other people and hates being
alone without doing anything.

Deep foxy eyes:

He has close eyes with wide pupil he is
cunning he knows how to read people’s reaction. He doesn’t need long time to
convince anybody with his point of view. He has a very good sense of humor, he
is humble but he can’t resist his love for plotting.


 Short narrow nose:

He is a healthy and wealthy man, the type of the nose tells
us that he is thankful, symbolic, and cognitive man


Lipless mouth

Such mouth shows the great ability of this man to plan and
to understand the hints and gestures of everybody, he might have some foolish
conclusions but he still can communicate and cover his faults in a very clever


Small chin:

He has a wide and short chin; he
doesn’t like to take any steps or decisions without discussing it with others,
he is not a man of war or peace.


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