Explain? How?

“These arrests prove yet again that President Ahmadinejad
and his intelligence apparatus have no tolerance for independent filmmakers and
journalists, If the president expects the international community to respect
his right to speak in New York, then he should be forced to explain why
filmmakers and media are subject to repression in Iran”

Aaron Rhodes, a spokesman for the International Campaign for
Human Rights in Iran



Adnan in wonderland!

“The national media is living a new era that has been established by the new media law, I am calling to change the typical mechanisms and methods of action and to develop the work environment and improve the quality of information through the rehabilitation and training of new staff to depend on the media as a strategy to go with reform process we are witnessing in Syria”

Adnan Mahmoud, Minister
of Information, Syria.




Why the hurry? We could wait 40 more

“The government is currently working on a program
of political, economic, judicial, and administrative
reforms, the government is strengthening
the capacity of the national
economy in order to reach self-sufficiency.”

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Adel Safar


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