Habib Sarah…

In what is called ‘the world of expatriation’, it seems
quite logical to say and write or even establish with others like us what can
be called: ‘The science of Syrian expatriation’

The word ‘science’ is used to approach facts and not be
content with emotions only, despite the fact that emotions are sacred and they
can, also, be described as science, may even be one of the most charming and
prestigious sciences..

Shortly talking; we are in the presence of Mr. Habib Sarah,
the Representative of the ‘Australians for Syria’ community.


Kahldon zino, Baladna

He came from Australia to his homeland in a multi-aspect
visit, some of those aspects we’ve mentioned in our introduction regarding
improving the state of Syrian expatriation and organizing it so it can achieve
even a fraction of its huge potential.

Could we know more about the way that the Australians for
Syria follows and what are the future plans that you aim to achieve?

We were seeking the way to communicate with the home. The
expatriates are a great future to Syria. Syrian expatriates used to prove their
high abilities and superiorities in all society fields (economic, science,
culture, and politics) they are well known as the smartest and the
distinguished people. They are the best community ever.

The Syrian community in the expatriation has succeeded to
merge with their societies but they haven’t lost their cultural and social habits
and traditions. Syrian expatriates are well-respected in Australia because they
have achieved and are still achieving many respectable reputation and status.

I want to ask about the difficulties that you are-as
expatriates- facing in communicating with home land. This is the second century
of expatriation; do you think that complaining is enough? Can we overlook the
whole painful reality despite the success that the Syrian expatriates are

This is one of the most important reasons behind our visit
to Syria. Standing and watching is not acceptable. There is a huge fault among
us. We are working to solve it.

The ministry of expatriates since its start couldn’t help
us. They have not made any effort to communicate with us or to achieve any useful
cooperation. I am not blaming here.

We are presenting real ideas, and we are ready to work on them
until we achieve them. Are we supposed to beg the right procedures to help our

Believe me there are
a huge numbers of Syrian competencies who are ready to travel back home to help
in protecting Syria.

We cannot leave Syria to the mobs of darkness and retardation.

Syria is the only place that we are thinking of when we are
in the expat lands, and we know that Syria is the only respected country in a
world-rolled by the hysterical American Zionist. I think this is not a
confrontation, they, the Zionist, has started their elimination war to
eliminate the historical and civilized existent of Syria. What is going on in
Syria is awful.

We realized that Syria is experiencing bad times since the very
beginning, we were concerned for our people inside Syria, especially that, we
don’t have the proper communication means while the others are having the best communications,
they want to eliminate Syria , and this will not happen ever


Can we consider your assembly as a special move for
special circumstances? Is it an emotional reaction against the recent events in
Syria, is it supposed to be ended when the circumstances end?

The assembly is not exceptional, we follow a specific plan,
we have well trained teams ready to do anything in high competence, and we get
help from some Lebanese supporter and assistants. The first step was from Melbourne then we expanded our work to include the other cities and
countries. In spite of the long-distances between the members and commissions
of the assembly, we have the highest levels of coordination, we meet every week
to discuss the cultural, educational, social affairs, and we published many
issues. As I said before we have a high qualified people are known in Australia
such as the media expert Suzan Durgham. the teacher of media in Latrobe University, Sami Sarah the spokesman of
the assembly, and Sayed Al-nakad the Arabic spokes man of the assembly.

You have many activities and services;
could you tell us how you decide the agenda of the activities and what are the
tools you are using to achieve your goals?

In fact, we are in endless needs for
information articles about Syria; this is an open invitation for all journalists,
intellectuals, economic players and citizens to provide
us with such articles.

We are creating and building tunnels to
communicate with home land, in addition to the tourism groups from all around
Australia to visit Syria.

On the economic front, there are big
possibilities to support Syria by selling and marketing the Syrian products in
Australia, we have great ambition to import Syrian products and to economically
help Syria.

How do you see the future of Syria, what
are your dreams and fears?

We don’t have any fears, Syria has many capabilities
more than any other countries, so we have unique chances to get use of them in
all means, we must use them fast and we should develop them. We must go beyond
the pain and consider it as an exceptional event that will help us to be
stronger and to have more wisdom.

We are responsible to give the future
generations what they need, we have the possibilities, all what we need is love
we need to love each other, and to keep Syria as created by god; the land of
love happiness giving, and civilizations.


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