Farouk Serieh

Oblong face:

The wood-shape face; He may has a muscular or athletic
physic. He is thought to be practical, methodical and tend to be a tad more
overworked. He is thought to be deeply narcissistic and may have problematic

Narrow forehead:

He may have experienced an unhappy childhood. A magnet for problems
and annoyances. He uses his hunch rather than his head to approach life. He is
very independent and doesn’t like to waste his time examining and decoding
things. He acts first and thinks afterwards! He doesn’t like to learn the hard
way: from his mistakes.

Small narrow eyes:

He might be a little bit erratic, he hides all his feelings,
he might not trust anyone around him, he works alone and likes to run
everything according to his point of view, he is smart by nature and might be
cunning .

Long wide eyebrows:

He is Compassionate, stingy, Cold blooded, cool, tolerant
and Brave.

Nose going down:

He is very skeptical and he barely believes anything new
unless he gets all the proofs he asks for. When dealing with him, bear in mind
that he will ask a big number of questions before he can believe you.

Thin lips:

He is a  person who is
able to make the most of whatever he has. He has a great appreciation for
modesty, austerity and simplicity.

Pointed wide chin:

He is a stubborn. He has fierce inner-resistance that can be
triggered when someone pushes him.


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