Oval face:

He is an honest man, he is thankful; he likes to read and to
educate himself about everything, he adopts the good things whatever the
results are.

Wide huge forehead:

He is a man of attitudes he knows when and how to stop his
activities he knows how to deal with the critical situations, he uses
philosophy and logic to control his life.

Low wide eye brows:

He concentrates, he can’t decide any thing before long time
thinking, he like to consult other people, he is serious and straight but he
can be funny and sarcastic man sometimes.

Unsymmetrical eyes:

The right eye is smaller than the other one; so he is a
strategic man, he likes to plan and to put strategies for everything. He is a
hard family man he likes to stick to traditions, he is cunning and if you want
to know what is in his mind make him angry and he will express everything he is
thinking about.

Swilling under the eyes:

With big wrinkle on the right swilling, that means he is so
nerves he might get into anger hysteria if things didn’t go as he planed. He
concentrates too much on everything he loves to move step by step towards his
goals. When he wants anything he rushes for it no matter the price is.

Big nose:

He is a little bit skimpy he supposed to have long life; he
doesn’t like to interfere with things that are not related directly to him.

Small narrow chicks:

He is so smart he thinks that he can role the whole world
because he is always right.

Wide chin:

He is stubborn. He loves to deal with the difficult
situations, he is a little bit showy.


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