bouthaina shaaban

Rectangular face

She has the power to face people to announce and has the ability to work under pressure; she likes to be under spotlights, loves to talk, and to theorize. She is a family woman.

Wide forehead:

She is emotional, sensitive and she can play with words to achieve her goals. She is a woman of attitudes but she can’t decide what she wants fast.

Wide separated eyes:

She can’t stop thinking about anything she might see or come across during the day so she might live an exhausting life. She is a woman for the hard duties she is self-assured and doesn’t pay attention for what others say about her.

Wrinkles under the eyes:

She has two or three main wrinkles that show her ability to understand others very well, she can read others and knows how to deal with them according to their gestures, she is a well-educated person, she loves to read and to learn new stuff, she might suffer obliviousness some times.

Prominent cheek bones with two huge wrinkles:

She has a strong personality, she might hesitate sometimes but she can cover her confusion. She needs assistants to help her to make decisions because she prefers to discuss everything she thinks about with others.

Small mouth with small upper lip:

She likes to talk only after long thinking but when she talks she uses many expressions to show her high educational background. She is romantic woman after all, so she needs emotional support from time to time.

Wide short chin:

She loves to communicate with others but she can withstand loneliness. She might have long healthy life. She might not have a good number of social friends


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