Mouhamad Al-Houssain

Rectangular face:

Represent an honest, diplomatic and leadership qualities. They are suitable for professions as top level executives and officials, he is too serious his laughs are nothing put a promise for new deal, or deal is done










Narrow forehea

He can’t think about two things at the same time. His family is a commitment nothing more so he tries to keep his family out of his business

Straight thick eyebrows:

He is unlucky, generous but not all the times, he thinks that money should always be in the right hand the hand that could keep it and gather it.

Wide orb and small eyes:

He is wicked, smart and he follows his profits more than anything else, he is a class one profiteer. He might be physically weak. He also might be too much nerve.

Wrinkles under the eyes

Shows his anger and deep thinking of his own problems, he might experience what we can call anger-waves without specific reasons.

Long narrow nose:

It shows he likes to enjoy the power he likes to interfere with anything he thinks will help him

Normal mouth with thick lower lip:

He is not sensual, solid man he sticks to the limits but he has the ability to cross the limits every time he thinks he can.

Sharp chin  

He might experiences less energy and drive. He might face problems in old age. He is talkative and good negotiator.


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