Abdullah -Al Dardari

Oval face:

His face shows his ability to fast adapt to the new circumstances that he could experience, he might be an opportunist, he might be a man of taking opportunities and he overshadows others.

Wide forehead:

He is capable of executing duties diligently, he is healthy and spiritually inclined, he is a quick learner, wealthy, and intelligent. He knows how to manage his own money, but he can’t lead a group of people to achieve victory.

Short and random eyebrows:

He has the ability to get what he wants no matter what the price is. For him; the end justifies the means, smart and cunning; he knows how to deal with individuals.

Reddish small convergent eyes:

He is emotional, he might cry out of control. He is a little bit devious, sensitive and erratic. He likes numbers but he doesn’t like to work to achieve them. He doesn’t have the ability to control people with his looks so he uses his smiley eyes to confess others.

Consistent nose:

He can deal successfully with money; actually he loves money, he can’t be poor, he feels unsafe when he is about to pay extra money. But any way he is a good spender and he likes to live a royal life, he will face some serious financial problems after the age of 55.

Small mouth with big low lip:

He likes to hear himself talking, he is good talker but not so much talkative, he likes to be flattered and he is good flatter man, he is good at haggling but not good negotiator. He is a good food enthusiast.

Wide chin:

He knows how to deal with big difficulties, he likes to count on his relatives but he doesn’t trust any to fulfill his wishes. He has no limits when he makes his mind.


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