The quickest way to end war is to lose it,

“I thank the writer; he has written all what we have in mind… Gentlemen, we used to hold the USA responsible for all the bloodshed and disasters in Iraq because USA is the largest and the dominant power in Iraq, so how on earth can we not hold the Syrian authority responsible for what’s going on in Syria being the both the dominant and official power in the country? Can any pro-regime answer me?”

“Please… I know you and you know me. You know that if the illegal armed groups won the leadership in Syria you and me will be sent to prison or will be killed on the charge of secularism! So, please don’t talk about what is going on in Syria using a romantic way, all what we are witnessing here is nothing but practices of political teenagers lead by other teenagers who live outside Syria” 

“You are afraid of a prison that you might be sent to, if ever, but you don’t mind the prison that all of us have been living in for decades?”

“I will talk honestly, you all should listen, everyone, who believes that the security forces and the illegal armed groups are the same is crazy and fool, for the thousand time I say the Syrian blood is blessed, sacred, and must be saved and protected, those who pretend that they are supporting the way to freedom and democracy by supporting the protesters, such people should be hanged or hailed. I will give my soul to protect the regime and our leaders”

What you already read is not parts of a live interview or debate on some TV channel; they are comments on an article in a news website. I tried to choose the most acceptable comments among more than 200 comments on the same article while the article itself is no more than 300 or 400 words, the reader of the article and the comments will find himself in the middle of a tremendous war or let me say an endless war, the fighters in this war use only one weapon -words- to attack, defend, and threaten others.


Someone once told me that Syrians are the Gods of politics and political analysis no matter what their position or profession is, however, we are now in the middle of a real war; a war that feeds on the beliefs of the people, a war that refuses the third party; you have to be with or against, in both cases you have to express and use all kinds of writings, negotiations and convincing skills to get as much supporters as you can, or to release some pressure , or just to show your magnificent writing skills.


“According to psychologists, the repetition of the facts makes Facts, and interactive seminars are the only way to re-orient the people and to control the public ideas. And that is what we need at this stage of Syrian history. We need to control others’ minds before some bad people or governments hack their minds and orient them against the peaceful society and the co-existence in Syria” Moustafa A 32 teacher said to explain the importance of monitoring all internet’s content and comments. “We-as a society- don’t have  the proper experience of how to differentiate between the right and wrong when others express the facts, so you can find a man who changes his attitudes many times in one day or even in one hour according to what he hears and sees, so commenting  and discussing ideas in public can be useful and harmful at the same time but you should never think that it will not change anything,” Moustafa ended his opinion by assuring that people should be allowed to express their feelings by writing whatever they want without any sort of censorship because “if they were not allowed to; they will express themselves in the streets.”

“By reading the comments on social networks or news sites you will find huge and unbelievable differences because social networks publish the comments without any supervision while for news sites there is always someone who chooses what to publish on the site and what not, according to the policy of the site –of course-. Knowing that 99.9 of the sites are controlled by high authorities and the rest are neutrals so they can’t publish anything” Sara 45 years old said. The conflicts on the internet are forming another wars, the winner in such wars according to Sara “will get nothing, but he or she might have the chance to change the beliefs of some readers, that’s why I for myself believe that both the regime and the protesters are using special people to comment and to interfere at the right time and write some comments to change the subject or to orient the comments in a specific direction that could be safe and useful for his party. I did read many comments that changed most of my perceptions of the reality in Syria”


Filling up the tank

The reader of the comments will be shocked by the huge number of lies, truths and insults. Everybody have the right to say everything and to express their feelings without any control “but now in Syria we should control all those comments. Syria had enough. Especially when we know that each party is using the internet to mobilize people and push them to support what he/she sees as the right side. I will talk frankly, let me assume that we have only two parties (the with) and (the against) I noticed that (the with) party is using aggressive and unbelievable stories and facts to prove their side of the story while (the against) party is using other facts and stories to prove that they represent the best for Syria”

As about the way they face each other and how they manage their ideas and stories “I believe that (the with) party is facing a big problem because they find themselves in a confrontation with many names and calls from the (the against) party so they move from name to name” Abdo Al-Hadi, a 40 years old professor said. He explained his theory by saying “when (the with) party accuses the Americans; (the against) party defend themselves with very logical answers so (the with) party moves quickly to another name which could be the Salafis for an example; so (the against) party will defend their attitude again and so it goes, it will never end. The point is that both parties made mistakes. As I noticed (the with) party is using the same old arguments every time, most of such arguments have been proven wrong , old and unable to change the beliefs of the (the against) party. They should study the realties and the events and discus everything according to the future plans, in order be heard. Such a way will fill the tanks of any one to start his journey towards the right party or, even worse, towards the streets to express his /her right attitudes, especially if the opposite party failed to defeat him/her in the comments battle”.

Nadra a 35 years housewife said :“I read the comments every day in any article that discusses the Syrian Affaires, I hate the protesters, they talk in a very weak way, they try to prove their words and attitudes by telling lies and by repeating what their leaders forge and tell them”. When we asked her how does she decide which is right and which is wrong? She said: “I don’t, I follow my sense, I don’t want to lose the safety and security”.

Commenting and showing the facts, discussing the latest new, and accusing each other is the main way -these days- to express the feelings and to show your anger. But, is this the right way? “I think yes, it is the right way, although I believe that this way is not neutral but I do believe that it is better than nothing, I know actually that 50% of the internet news readers cannot comment because they have (the censor) in their minds, they believe that each and every word they will write on the internet will lead them to the security offices, they believe that they (the security people) know everything and that they will discover where and when the comments were written and the address of the writers, so they are afraid, they read or they write the words that could keep them safe and protected. That’s why I don’t believe that the comments are true. But I like to read them to know the direction each party takes to prove or to defend his point”.

“We should know that every and each word we write will find someone who will believe in it and build his attitude according to it, so such comments are defining the future of the confrontation in Syria and for me I am not optimistic because the way some party is using is too aggressive and full with threats, so depending on the logic they use to prove their arguments I see that they don’t have any logic at all, they will destroy everything according with their primitive way in confronting and talking, they are doing nothing but repeating the same thing every time and when others push them to the corner they start their threats, yes I believe that discussing things through the internet will overload the events and put oil to fire” Ghassan J 29 years engineer said.


When you give a weapon to a child….


Surfing the net, especially the sites that allow their readers to write down their comments, will let you discover the huge number of the educated people who pay attention to each and every written word and analyze it then reply in a very professional and respectable way, the problem appears “when some impulsive puritanical people start to (spill) –if we can say- a huge amount of unbelievable words about unbelievable reasons and start to shoot those educated reasonable people with their stupid theories or lies. This- as I believe- is nothing but a murder against the educated people. Actually, I believe that all the people and all the channels in and out of Syria should read the comments that discuss the situation in Syria because they have the right answers for all questions. I read more than 100 comments that I loved and wrote in my notebook because they deserve to be published and to be known by all the Syrians” Reem 25 years old student.


“Actually the more you surf and interview people the more you drown. Syrians are expressing now that they are free to say whatever they want but they should be careful because they will guide the society with their words, they should be responsible for each and every word, although, I believe that the websites in Syria are practicing a high level of censorship and monitoring on their content so no comment will be published before they read and analyze it and make sure that it doesn’t have anything against some party. That’s why I don’t comment I just read comments, but I am telling you those protesters should be polite and should use some educated people to comment, I can’t believe that Syria still have such ignorant people they should be prevented from commenting because they are distorting the facts. I don’t believe them and every time I read their comments I become trustier about my position” said Souad, a 25 years old female and a sales representative.

Abbas KH 40 years old: “We are not ready for this technology. I think that the extremists of both parties are using the comments exactly as the teenagers using sexual sites just to satisfy their needs in being famous or in provoking others, but, even so, the parties should be so careful of what they write because comments are the constitution of their parties, people will discuss their positions according to the way the comments present the facts and the way the parties answer the charges. They should stay away from conspiracies and external supports, they should discuss the facts in a very honest and civilized way, especially when they talk about the martyrs of each side, insulting dead people is not a victory or a work of honor, comments should not be neutral, everyone should express his thoughts freely, so those who accuse the neutral people should keep silence.”



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At the end

We all love Syria, we are all working towards the best for Syria, so we must discuss the pains of Syria in a very civilized and mature way because if we use the opposite way we will hate each other and will plant mines in each other’s’ paths. “War is a series of catastrophes that results in a victory” (Georges Clemenceau).


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