mouaamar Al-Gadaffi

Rectangular stout face:

He is an emotional leader, he has the ability to plan and execute his tactics whatever the results are. He has high endurance, and can withstand high tensions. He is selfish and self centered, he might suffer mental alienation.

Square forehead:

He is stubborn, impulsive, and vindictive. He doesn’t have the ability to learn fast, and we can say the he is an aggressive and emotional man. He thinks about his security more than his comfort. He pays attention to details in order to show perfection that he seeks.

 Scattered eyebrows:

He is brave, and depends on his current ideas, he is a good family man, he is so fond of traditions and he doesn’t trust anyone around him. He likes to discuss everything with anyone because he thinks it is the only way to learn life.

Heavy fat eyelid:

He is mature but too much showy he likes to be the center of the world and he works on it. He knows or let’s say he believes that he can read thoughts and can scan others’ minds. He is a little bet dull. He has many dark thoughts about how the world runs.

Big nose:

He discusses every step he wants to make, with himself of course. He is skimpy when he knows that he will get no benefit back. He has the ability to listen to others for all day long but he has never did it. It is no the good to say that he is a good listener because he thinks he knows everything so no one has to explain anything.

Big upper lips:

He doesn’t like to think too much, he likes to sleep long, he had a tormented childhood, and his ability to learn new things is not that much. He has very healthy body. His moustache shows his alerted house life.

His free-of-muscles-lips show that he is careless; nothing could be a disaster for him, and his ability to do anything in order to see his plans go through.

The chin:

He barely has a clear chin so he is not good filed fighter and he is more of a tactical man.


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