All about blood types

Considering the fact ‘the groundwater defines the quality of the fruits’ we should re-think about our blood as the ‘groundwater of our bodies’ it is very important to know what type our blood is, not as a prestige, but to know how to strengthening it, because we are nothing but machines, each machine works according to a specific instruction, so if you fill a car operates on benzene with diesel fuel it will work for about 10 meters, then it will never work until you change all the interior equipments. That’s why we have blood types; to eat differently, to be different and to give our unique fruits. So in order to live as we are supposed to, we should consider our blood types. We have tried to collect as much useful info as possible about this subject. So let us start…


There are four blood types: A, B, AB and O. The most common blood type is O, and AB is the least common, with only about 5 percent of the world’s population having AB blood. People with different blood types metabolize food differently. This is where the Blood Type Diet comes into play. Eating food that are easily metabolized for your blood type aids in digestion and offers various health benefits. You lose weight because the body rids itself of toxins that are stored in the fat cells.

Type A

People with blood type A have fragile digestive systems, and are usually lactose intolerant. They generally should avoid dairy products and animal protein, opting for legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. People with type A, of all blood types, would benefit the most from being vegetarians. This is because their stomachs don’t produce enough hydrochloric acid and, therefore, they don’t digest animal protein well. Foods that help the type A group lose weight are: vegetable oils, soy foods, vegetables, spirulina and pineapple.

Type B

People with blood type B usually have no problems digesting food. However, there are some foods that people with this blood type should avoid if they don’t want to gain weight. These foods include: corn, buckwheat, peanuts, lentils and sesame seeds. Also, gluten that is found in wheat germ and wheat products can cause a drop in insulin levels and cause symptoms of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Foods that encourage weight loss in people with blood type B are: red meat, green vegetables, eggs, seafood, soy foods, licorice tea, oatmeal, olive oil, flaxseed oil, millet, oat bran, rice bran and puffed rice.

Type AB

Blood type AB is very rare and has been around only for about 1,000 years. People with this blood type are similar to those with blood type A and can’t process animal protein well. However, their bodies still need a small amount of animal protein. The foods that are bad for type A and type B blood types are generally bad for people with type AB blood, except those with AB blood can tolerate tomato lectins. This blood type group needs to concentrate on moderation and small portion sizes. Foods that encourage weight loss in people with type AB blood are: tofu, seafood, spirulina, green vegetables, pineapple and sea kelp. Smoked and cured meats should be avoided.

Type O

People with blood type O have the strongest digestive systems. People in this group need animal protein, fruits and vegetables for good health. They should generally avoid carbohydrates, because they don’t digest them well. The best diet for a type O person is a diet high in animal protein, low in carbohydrates and a small amount of dairy products. Foods that aid weight loss for the O blood type are: seafood, sea kelp, red meat, spinach, broccoli and kale.


1 -If your blood type is A diet containing vegetables, organic preferably. Grains and soy protein are also beneficial. Do not skip meals, eat smaller, more frequent meals and eat more protein at the start of the day. Light exercise is recommended.

2 -If your blood type is B, try eating luncheon meat and low-fat diary products. Stay away from lentils, wheat and corn; they are great weight gain factors for your blood type. Moderate exercise is recommended.

3 -If your blood type is AB you digestive tract is sensitive. You should avoid beef, pork and chicken. Dairy, tofu, seafood and produce are recommended. Calming exercise such as yoga, tai chi and deep breathing exercises are recommended.

4 -If your blood type O based on your metabolism you will benefit from eating poultry, fish and lean meats. Vigorous exercise is also recommended. Stay away from breads, grains and legumes.

People according to their blood type.

Type O ‘Hot

Population Roughly 38% of the world

Traits Confident and Strong-Willed, Proud, Dedicated, Sociable, Energetic, Extroverted, Frank, Realist, Showy, Flighty, Generalist, Positive, Independent, Risk-Takers, Dislike taking orders, Insecure, Stubborn & Self-Centered.

Make friends easily and go with flow and grasp opportunity, Quick to start a project or chase an idea. Are good at organizing activities. May have short attention span, and expresses strong emotions, may quickly take opposite views that are deep but not always durable, classic entrepreneurs and movers and shakers.

Express their emotions but can be swayed by other blood types. Have an intrinsic elegance. Sociable and showy. May be good at adapting to circumstances. Words come easily to them. Not self conscious and will frankly reveal inner feelings. Ambitious, but may have issues with detail.

They Like to touch and be touched by others.

Type A “Cool”

Population Roughly 34% of the world

Traits obedient, careful, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, polite, honest, loyal, emotional, introverted & nervous.

Are reserved calm and even tempered, sensitive to public opinion, may be introverted, shy and nervous or ill at ease with others, may be pessimistic, value relationships and are loyal, hesitant to change, nature lovers and dislike crowds; need a private place or secret hideaway, can be indecisive, good at team work and obey rules.

Dislike touching or be touched by others.

Type B “Active”

Population Roughly 9% of the world.

Traits cheerful, optimistic, active, sensitive, kind, forgetful, unorganized, noisy, egocentric

Energetic and have the drive to reach towards goals, may be workaholics, not the best team players and are individualistic, do things at one’s own pace, strong personality adventurous, likes to get one’s own way, and they are Sociable and enjoy entertaining.

Like to touch or be touched by others.

Type AB “Care-Free”

Population Roughly 4% of the world

Traits Social, easy going, sympathetic, diplomatic, outgoing, reiterative, creative, unpredictable, artistic, flexible, moody and brooding.

Blend of opposites, shy with some and bold with some, introvert and extrovert, unpredictable and may seem to have calm exterior, strong creative strain, good at spotting problems and skirting them, like city environment, get bored easily, everything they do is compelling, never take things for granted, appear mysterious, contribute harmoniously to society.

Dislike touching or be touched by others.


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