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Lattakia, this beautiful serene city in the north-west of Syria, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it was called (Lattakia of Arabs) and described by the Syrian as the Bride of the Syrian coast…
It’s a very rich city in everything: History, nature, wealth and people.

Dating back in history to the sixth century BC, where it was a village in Ugarit Kingdom, and inhabited by many people’s like Canaanites, Phoenicians, Arameans, Greeks and Romans, as still the monuments of these civilizations exist so far tells the story of this charming city and complete the splendor of its magical nature given by God in all parts along the beautiful coastline, which meets with the green mountains and fertile plains in very rare eye-catching picture.

People can visit this city at any time of the year, where they enjoy the Mediterranean moderate climates, having great times in summer enjoying the summer breeze in its mountains and golden beach, while in winter they enjoy the views of snow in falling in many surrounding areas and villages.
This climate has helped attracting large numbers of tourists increasing every year because most of them are coming from Arabic Gulf countries, escaping from the harsh weather of high temperature and drought, or from European countries where the weather is very cold.

Ra’as al-Basyeet:

The first thing the visitor to this city would think of is to go to the sandy beach, which extends from Ra’as Al Bassyet in the north to Jableh city in the south, where there are plenty of tourist institutions and hotels and restaurants spreading along the shore to welcome visitors and tourists and provide them the best services and entertainment, the best of these institutions in Latakia are the Meridian, the Blue Beach Cote d’Azur and Rotana Afamia.

Away from the sea, there are many beautiful places to go to varying between mountains, lakes, and forests, one of these places is Mashqita Lake which is very large lake located in the north-east of Latakia at a distance of 23 km, rising from the sea to 256 m.
The word Mishqita, is a Syriac word, it means the irrigated land , due to the large number of springs in it.



Mashqita is one of the most beautiful places in Lattakia, it combines between the beauty and strangeness and shows the beauty of the blue sea together with magnificent green mountains, it has various terrains; it is the place that every romantic nature lover should visit.

You can enjoy the coolness of the mount atmosphere and in less than 15 min you can be at the sea shore of Lattakia to watch the sunset.



Another magical spot is Kassab city which is one of the most important and beautiful summer resorts in Syria. Kassab Lies between forests on Al Aqra’a mountain above sea level, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
it has a series of mountains and springs that flow between the folds of forests covering Kassab and the surrounding areas.

The road leading to it from Latakia is one of the most beautiful roads in Syria passing through forests and meadows of wild flowers and olive and apple trees, to reach the wonderful forests of (Al Fruloq).

Kasab  is very old city, it still has ancient ruins and many historic buildings and churches , it also has a lot of hotels , parks, restaurants, cafes, apartments and villas for tourists, there are many gift shops that sell folklore crafts and organize  art events and folklore performances in the tourist season every year.

If we head towards the east we come to the most beautiful area ever, it’s Slunfeh the mountain village with green forests and sweet springs that attract tourists from all around the world.

It has a mild weather and gentle breeze in summer where spread evergreen trees such as cypress, oak and pine trees.

In Slunfeh there is the highest mount in Latakia mountain range that rises 1300 m above the sea level.

This resort contains many hotels and chalets with amazing views, its roads and market are crowded with tourists and visitors who can take memorial photos and buy very beautiful souvenirs.

Other beautiful natural spots in Latakia are Rabi’a,  it’s a town in the north-east of  Latakia  surrounding by forests and evergreen trees  with many springs that run through it .


Om Al Toyour

Another charming sandy beach, where the blue sea embraces the green mountain in very adorable view.

In addition to these tourist natural places, there are many historical areas which tells the stories of past civilizations that lived in this city through the centuries, such as :



Which located on a hill called (Ras Shamra)
This city gave humanity the first alphabet in history and Ugarit musical notation .

Ras Ibn Hani:

Ras Ibn Hani:located to the north of Latakia on a cliff surrounded by a natural moat from three sides, it’s one of the finest castles left from the Middle Ages.


Sit Mrkho:

Sit Mrkho, is Located in the basin of the great northern river. It was discovered in this area the oldest traces of prehistoric man known until now outside the African continent.


Citadel of Salah al-Din

Citadel of Salah al-Din is located at a distance of 35 Km east of Latakia and rises about 400 m over sea level. This castle is one of the most immune defenses against Crusader invasion, the castle was known as the Citadel, which cannot penetrate or overcome.

As for the city, it has many cultural centers and clubs, theatres, cinemas, libraries, restaurants, cafes, the museum and the casino. Many cultural events and forums are taking place throughout the year, in addition to many tourist festivals such as (Al Mahabah), (Tourism and shopping), (The Music) festivals.

There is also the third largest University in Syria, called (Tishreen) university which has more than forty thousand students in all disciplines (scientific, and literary).


Lattakia is an important vital port in Syria, this city is the gateway of the Middle East to the Mediterranean and can be considered as the summer tourist capital of Syria, It’s really an amazing and diverse city which can be considered the most beautiful city on the Mediterranean because it combines between the charming nature and the majestic ancient landmarks and the very kind people.


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