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Al-Zabadany … Paradise on earth


Al-Zabadany is the city of apple in some cultures, it is name consists of two syllables SEB which means apple and DAN which means city. It is located on the mountains of Lebanese mountains series. It was Aramaic city and the land of Baal the Aramaic God of fertility. This city or let us say this provenience had to be the place that all the kings and princes used to live in after losing their crowns, Or after losing their lands after wars.

Al -Zabadany is consists of many towns and cities all of them are summer resorts and have the most amazing nature ever Al-Zabadany is the oldest summer resort in Syria, it is the natural face of tourism in Syria , it is people are still have the features of the villagers with all their generous qualities and hospitalities. In addition to the archeological sites   it has many natural mineral sorings and wide areas of green lands

Al-Zabadani is the main destination for many tourists from all over Syria, as well as from various Arab countries, also visited on each occasion, conference or meeting of officials, and it contains many of the palaces and villas of the Arab kings and sultans, it is the right place for those who wish to spend their summer in the mountains in the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. Most of the rich men in Damascus seek to live in Al-zabadany and many of them actually have villas and palaces.

Al-Zabadany  is about 48 Km far from Damascus on the international Syria-Lebanon highway,and it has many resorts such as Bludan, Madaya, Boukayen, Sourgaya and Al- takeyah.

The most important archiological and historical site in AL-Zabadany are :

The monastery of the Prophet John the Baptist:
it is located  in the center of town at the Great Mosque  there is a huge stone in the walls of neighboring houses. There is a section from the entrance of the large monastery and a place at the Great Mosque in which some of the stones and blurred inscriptions

Al- Safeerah :

It is located to the west of Al-zabadany it is Aramaic monument its name means the beauty it contains many remnants of the past ages and civilizations.  It is the middle of a great forest.

Another archeological site:

Al- Tal citadel and Castle Abdullah to the west of Barada lake, Al-kak Valley in the northwest of Al-Zabadani , and there are caves and tombs which had been inscribed with Greek and Roman writings,  Kafar Nafakh , and kafar Ammer the industrial old city of Al-Zabadnay it disappeared from 250 years ago but the remnants still there to show the prosperity of this city in the past.

Al-Zabadany also has huge number of monasteries such as; Albanat monastery, Shalhoub monastery, Al-wastany monastery, Alsannam monastery.

Alzabadany also has a great historical religious site, the shrine of Abel which located at the top of a hill at Al-Takeyah area.


Bludan :

The highest country in Al-Zabadany it is about 2100 M above the sea level, it has many forests and mineral springs the town of the hotels and markets. In summer the weather of Bludan is cold even in the hottest days you can’t wear T-shirts in the night, it has many places for parties and picnics, even it has many wonderful and public hotels but its people used to rent their own houses to the tourists as a sign of hospitalities. Bludan has tow 5 stars hotels the Grand hotel of Bludan and Regency park. For ordinary tourists they can have leisure times among the nature, it doesn’t have any traditional markets or souvenir shops. Bludan has tow magnificent places you should visit, Moussa’s cave, and Al-younan mount; which contains a very ancient temple and great full high view of Al-Zabadany the city.

Mar . Elyas Tree. It is the most magnificent tree in Al-zabadany or even in Syria itself. It is an

500 years old tree, in the middle of the Bludan monastery monument.

Boukein :

It is the water town, this town is one of the most famous towns in Syria due to its famous mineral springs, Boukein is the town of the mineral water in Syria as everyone in Syria  knows. It is good resort for one day or two days journey there is not hotels in Boukein but some of its people used to rent their houses for the tourists,  it is located on the way between bloudan and Madaya  all what you can do there is shopping and drinking the free mineral water from the huge fountain in the middle of the town.

Madaya :

Is the country of foreign markets it and everything , in madaya you can buy anything anytime, its nature is so tough , you live in  Madaya , but you can spend your money there without feeling sorry for it, low prices, high quality goods, and you can find in Madaya what you can’t find in anywhere in Syria. Maday is a part of the eastern Chain of Lebanon Mountains. Madaya has many famous springs such as Barada spring, madaya spring, Almaysah spring, Amin spring, Alhadad spring, Saleh spring.

Consedring the bad events that Syria experiencing those days we noticed that Al-Zabadany are witnessing the low tension in the  area so we recommended it to be one of the first choices on your tourists list.



In AL-Zabadany you can:

ü  Spend your time in the nature.

ü  Do your classy shopping in low prices.

ü  Feel safe and secure with your children while moving and travelling.

ü  Buy fresh fruits and vegetables because Al-Zabdany is the place they eat of what they plant, most of the people work as farmers.

ü  Enjoy the sailing experience by visiting Barada and Zarzar lakes.

ü  Enjoy the climbing experience by visiting Bloudan and its cliffs.

ü  Enjoy the free mineral water by visiting Boukein and its fountain.

ü  Spend leisure time relaxing and breathing pure oxygen.

ü  Recognize the real hospitalities of the real people

Box :

Al-Zabadany is  a bordered country it has the traditions of the Lebanese people and Syrian ones , it is 45 minutes far from Damascus, Great southern country; It has more than 1 million trees of all kind of fruits and forests. And more than 2000 spring of pure water. Al-Zabadany is 1800 M above the sea level.



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