Overcome the painful memories

Humans have many natural enemies that follow him/her wherever he/she goes, one of those enemies is the painful memories, when we say painful memories we mean the memories that we hate ourselves when we live them. They cause too much sorrow, too much pain that we feel the need to get into a time machine to go back in time and to change them. If we want to know what is painful memories we should read some examples: Someone raped a 5 years old when he was 13 years old- this is a bad memory- but not a painful one, the painful memory is when this man remembers her eyes looking at him or her sound asking him to stop, so much so that he could kill himself to avoid such feelings. Physiologically speaking, memories are out of chemical causes in the brain, so when we experience some good or bad thing our brains will keep some pictures and some smells and sounds of this event, this is an ordinary thing, but when we mix the feelings with the memories once the brain will attach them together and evokes them together, this operation will remain forever because every time we remember this painful memory we will consider that we are punishing ourselves for doing such bad thing so the brain will keep this memory to use it as a punishment so it can release some pressure by remembering it and punishing itself, then it (brain) will relax.

So, painful memories are nothing but a Self-whipping, and the brain will never forget these memories because they relax it every time. But such relaxation will damage the body and will tie it forever, it will destroy the ability to think, to be free and to develop new skills. Such memories are the main reasons behind drug abuse, torturing body and alcoholism. More than 30 percent of the world population is having such serious memories.

Since such memories have a chemical mechanism we can avoid feeling or remembering it.

We can use many tools to help us to get the internal peace and to avoid such memories.

Such as using certain aromas or perfumes, Mother Nature helps its children to be saved and strong, so, using some certain aromas or perfumes will help a lot.

Jasmine, Amber, Rose, Sandalwood, Onions, Violet, apple, and Lemon essential oils use one of those essential oils every day in the house and at the office you will help your brain to forget the memories that you don’t want to recall. You should stay away from the following aromas or perfumes Musk, garlic, pine, Arabian jasmine, orchid, plum, daffodil, and peaches.

This for the atmosphere, about the colors you should surround yourself with certain colors and avoid some colors. So, surround yourself with white, pink, sky-blue, Turquoise, yellow, and light green

Avoid the following colors, Black, Red, Dark Yellow, Violet, and Brown. This will help you if you followed it step by step with the following tools.

1. Evaluate how much that past action actually affects your present life: One bad relationship doesn’t alter every man or woman alive. Perhaps letting go of that memory will make you more open to creating new, more positive experiences.

2. Realize the randomness of life: A few bad experiences can have you feeling like you must be cursed. Realize, however, that bad things do occasionally happen to good people. Try to see those experiences as accidents of chance, and nothing more. Try again! Ignore your past mistakes. Chances are you will succeed this time.

3. Reverse your thinking:
Painful memories can make you fearful and a symptom of fear is negative thinking. Try to reverse that thinking (ex. I can’t find a partner – I will find a partner) . Focus on the can’t, and you will expect negative things and leave no room for anything good to happen. Think about what you want, and you will inevitably do things to make it happen. Thinking positively is a surefire way to attract good things. Just try it.

4. Change the future, not the past: Did you know that you can write over the past by creating a better future? One good day erases all the bad ones. When you know low, you prepare yourself to truly appreciate the highs of life. By taking control of the future, you can debunk the discouragements of the past.

5. Talk things over: Chances are, you have drastically overestimated the pain of your past memories. Open your heart to a trusted friend or trained psychotherapist, who can help you put things into perspective.

For desperate hearts

6. Remember the facts: Was the person who left you chronically unstable in relationships? Take a break from blaming yourself and realize that other factors that have nothing to do with you shape each circumstance.

7. Origin of the memories: Before you can get rid of haunting memories, you must come to terms with the origin of those memories. You cannot let go of anything that you try to suppress. Suppression is not a solution; it is only a band-aid on the problem. Talking to someone about these memories can assist you in coming to terms with them. If that is too much for you to do, buy a journal and write it down. Writing can be very therapeutic. Really, all you need is a way to get your feelings about these experiences out.

8. Let go: Letting go means that you allow yourself to understand that any experience you have had, good or bad, is not your fault. You can get to the point where you know that each experience you’ve had the opportunity to witness is meant to be a lesson to you. You were meant to learn something from the situation so that you could advance to where you need to be in this life. When learning to let go, internalizing this first point is the most important.

9. Forgive: If there is resentment, forgiveness is a big part of letting go and moving on.

Having bad memories is a good thing it helps us to fix and reconsider our faults, but painful memories are, also, too dangerous; we should overcome and terminate them when we have the chance.

Try not to follow untrustworthy people, you should work on changing yourself and remember that bills and medicines will help you to forget by damaging not by building, so why should we damage things if we can fix and develop them.


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