Nicolas Sarkozy

behind the face

Huge square forehead: ruled by his head, Sarkozy is smart cleaver and he feels happy to break with traditions

Arched thick eyebrows: he is active and aggressive he can be antagonized easily. High brows mean hi- personal expectations pointed ears also indicates an explosive temper.

Hooded eyes: he had suffered in love, swayed by passion and vanity  his gaze is cold and calculating he may shut down softer emotions triangular eyes is a sign of past abuse ambition could steam from old resentment .

Cheek bones: they are defined at the sides so he is authoritarian he may turn on people who don’t toe the line, slightly sagging lower cheeks mean he is not grounded.

Purpose lines: the left is stronger indicating that his current position doesn’t reflect his deeper ambitions his weak jaw line. His weak jaw line emphasize his lack of firm principles or ethnics

Hollow under eye area: his kidneys are deficiency ( he live of his adrenals ) you can begin to see the whites on three sides around his irises a mark of adrenal deficiency which can provoke attacks by stalkers many assassinated  American presidents showed this sign

Big bumpy nose: he is more comfortable expressing his self through sex than affection, chain lines mean fear of old age and dying : wanting to prove himself before too late


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