Media Crisis or Crisis Media

The second ‘We all for home’ Symposium that been organized by the Journalist Union has witnessed an intense debate when some of the audience accused the Christian religious men of failure to submit their duties during the latest events in Syria, this accusation provoked the journalist Saadalah Barakat who asked Moustafa Mekdad the Director of the Symposium to stop such allegations, the Director in his turn answered “ I am more Christian than you are” refusing any misunderstanding in the Symposium.

The Symposium was held under the title ‘The role of the media in forming general view’

Mr. Fayez Al-Sayeghthe, Former General Director of the General Authority of Radio and Television and the Syrian News Agency (SANA) and Head of the Editor of the Al-Thawrah news paper, and Kamal El-Haj, Teacher in the Collage of Information in Damascus University, were the lecturers in the Symposium.

In his speech Mr. Kareem Kabalan has wondered:”Where are the Christian religious people?  What are they doing to face the crises? After insisting on “we are not sectarians… We are Syrians and nationalists. We are fighting for our homeland that’s why we are here today “here, the Syrian journalist Saadalah Barakat interrupted him to announce that he refuses such words and said:” As a Baathist I refuse to be leaded by a religious man“  for his turn the Director answered him :” I am more Christian than you are , and I refuse any misinterpretation of what has been said in the Symposium”.

The official Syrian media has been criticized by some of its workers for more than 40 years.

Essam Darri has worked as Editor-in-Chief in Teshreen Newspaper , he works for the al-Ekhbaryah al-Sourya said: “we used to work impulsively, and we used to create and impulsive the political attitude… some officials used to read the newspapers to help themselves finding answers about how to work and act.”

Darri accused the official media by saying “official media is committing what we can consider as more worst than lying which is (hiding the information), this action has caused a big gap between people and media, this hole affected us negatively and left us unable to gain the audience trust“ Darri said that there is a “very large and huge defect in the official media… we couldn’t develop the general view, we had a ready formal letter we had to use. People got bored of such phrases” he added: “the government and some officials are carrying the whole responsibility, they pushed us to be lazy and to work as less as we can, we are not the only ones who should take the responsibilities for the deterioration of the media”. Al-Saayegh said “we should stop Self-flagellation because others are mercilessly flagellating us every day “, “we should immunize and support the Syrian general view. We are living in the middle of a very dangerous gap, especially when we know that Arabs have failed in forming a media system which helps them to organize one united Arab General View.

Journalist Wael Hassan played down the Syrian media and described it as the “great” and wondered:” here in this place we are companions with sex or seven important Syrian media characters, what did they do to develop the media in Syria? No answer!!!

Hassan criticized the Baath Arab Social party ”the silence” of the party is too much negative “After the whole 40 years in which the party officials used to feed themselves out of their chairs. They stand helpless today and they have nothing to do to stop the crises in Syria, while the General Assistant Secretary of the Party, Abdoullah al-Ahmar is driving a 10 million SYP car… from the money of the the contributions in the party.

Kamal  Alhaj: teacher in the Collage of Information accused the Syrian media by saying: “the media has failed to create a ‘view leaders’ in Syria, that’s why we see political analysts who don’t know anything about the political analyses and they became a part of the crises“. “Do you think that such people can convince others?” He has wondered: “are we facing a journalist’s crisis, or an administration crisis, or crisis of the media? I think we are facing them all “.


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