Housny Mobarak


behind the face

Rectangular face:

He is smart, hardworking, full of energy and leader, he is suitable for negotiating the plans more than putting them, he is workaholic, but, when it comes to his family, he will leave anything behind him and play with his grand children.


Wide and full of wrinkles forehead:

He likes to share his ideas with others, he is generous and can help others to get their targets, he has a personality of a fighter and a soul of a merchant, he uses his smartness to get what he wants wither it is right or wrong.

Big eyes with different wrinkles and under-eyes swellings:

Since the swellings are not matching, we can’t say anything, but, Mubarak is having serious internal health problems, the wrinkles shows his ability to be patient and to think deeply about everything even about his own family, his big unbalanced eyes (his right eye is smaller than the left one) show the huge pressure he experienced during his life.

Big thick huge eyebrows:

He is generous, creative and great strategies’ planner, a leader personality and character.

Small ears:

He hates advices; he likes to advise people but does not like to hear advices from anyone but himself.  He uses his own logic to judge people and thinks that he knows more than the others and that he has more life experience than everybody.

Big ancient nose

he like things to come to him not to follow things up, he plans and others should execute, he feels he should be idealized as a God, he loves his family and controls everything in it even his married children. He might face a very dangerous health situation, or he might get assassinated. He likes to impose his ideas and thoughts.

Thin upper lip and huge down lip:

He likes to control his needs and make them submit to his religion; he experienced many mysterious –behind the curtain- meetings. He used to take decisions of a very big importance. He is trusty and he fulfils his promises.


Wide big chin

He still has the ability to lead, and he can give the right decision in many critical matters, he is a good advisor and he can learn fast but his logic causes some delaying in decision making .


Wide cheeks:

He is an emotional leader; he leads people or his family according to his feelings, it is true that he can plan for a world war, but he still is an emotional man; it is not rare to see him crying.


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