foods for Ramadan

In Ramadan- the special month in the Muslims- people have to change their habits according to the special circumstances of this month.  So some people can’t fast, other people love to fast, but the fact is that everybody will experience the special atmosphere of this month, and will try to adopt the thirty days especially with the long fasting time, because people will fast approximately 18 hours a day, this long period should be full of light works to help the fast man or woman to forget his hunger and thirst.

As everybody knows , the time after the breakfast in Ramadan is the time for absolute entertaining, wither if they stayed home watching TV, or if they get out of the house to spend some times in restaurants, or just for walking around or visiting friends at their homes.

During this month, we will discuss how to make Ramadan your special month. We will start talking about the food; what should you have on the food table for breakfast time.

Here in Syria we are known in all over the world as the good food cockers and inventers, so the Syrian housewife have many and various kinds of foods ,Syrian and Arab food.

So let us start:

The first thing that you should have on the table is the soup , Syrians are not so familiar with the Italian or let me say the western soup witch considered as hard cocking soup so we prefer the Lentils soup because it gives energy and it doesn’t take too much time to be ready. Starting the breakfast with such soup will help the family to eat less of the main dish which we will talk about later on. The second dish you should have next to the soup is the famous Lebanese salad with fried bread (Fatowsh), this essential dish is not essential for whom live in the northern Syria, they like the ordinary vegetable salad, so you are free to chose the suitable salad you like, but you should consider not to eat the salad because it helps the bowel to be ready for the main dish without having Indigestion; vegetables are rich with fibers and vitamins that helps the bowels to receive and deal with the food easily especially after long fasting time.

Some people likes the rich green salad with bulgur, but actually for myself I don’t advice it in Ramadan because the bulgur will cause bloating; the thing that will bother you next morning. I don’t advice to put pickles or salty appetizers because they will make you thirsty next day.

Back to the dishes, for the main dish you have tens of choices starting from the Damascenes ordinary dishes ending with western food through the fast food.

Al-Teskeyah: Famous Damascene dish, you can use it as a main dish, but you should be careful because it is to rich and creamy, so it may cause Indigestion. Five stars dish in Damascus.

Broad beans: with both oil and milk , three stars in Damascus

Fatti: Is one of the most famous and distinctive Syrian dishes. Toasted Syrian bread, rice, and chicken soaked with yogurt sauce and garnished with nuts. Works great with leftover. five stars in Damascus , three stars in Aleppo

Chicken and stale bread: Other varieties exist with beef, eggplants and even sheep tongues! three stars in Damascus and Aleppo

Arabic bean salad: Warm beans are mixed with garlic, tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. Cumin completes the flavor; this dish is the best in all bean dishes, and makes a healthy tasty breakfast. One star in Damascus three stars in Homes

Makloubeh: eggplants with meat and rice. Five stars dish

Monazaleh: fried eggplants with meat and rice. Two stars dish.

Kebeh: With all its kinds; fried kebeh: two stars dish in Alleppo, five stars in Damascus. Kebeh with milk is five stars in Damascus five stars in Aleppo , kebeh in the dish one star in Damascus three stars in Aleppo, roasted kebeh four stars in Damascus five stars in Aleppo. kebeh is the most famous and delicious food in Syria especially in Aleppo.

Mjadarah: Lentil and Bulgur, it is full flavor food I prefer it with yogurt and fried onion. You should try it this way. Five stars in Damascus five stars in Aleppo

Shakreah: Big pieces of meat boiled with yogurt, it is five stars dish all over Syria especially when you presented with well done rice.

Mahashy: Squashes, eggplant and potatoes, filled with rice and cocked with tomato cream. It is five stars dish all over Syria too.

Yabraq: Grape leaves with rice; it is very delicious and healthy meal for all family members. Five stars all over Syria

Kabseh: The famous Arab meal, it is consists of special cocked rice with huge amount of lamp meat it is the most delicious and known meal especially in South Syria but I don’t advice to try it in Ramadan because it is so greasy and will increase your weight. Three stars in Damascus , five stars in Dier Ezzour and Darra’a

Now after talking about the possibilities of the main dishes, we will talk about the secondary dish which could be checked peas with olive oil (Mosabaha), or checked eggplant with olive and Sesame oil (Motabal).

The first thing the faster could need the most is something to drink due to his needs and because Ramadan is in summer season of hot and dryness, so you have many choices as Syrian to chose from or to use them all.

The first choice is the pure cold water, second choice is Licorice the magic drink that refreshes all your Circulatory, you can buy it or just prepare it at home it is easy to make useful and tasty.

The third drink you can use is Tamarhind, it is a cold drink you can have in Ramadan without any suffering from any side effects.

Don’t drink apple or blueberries juice before you eat your first meal, because you will have very bad stomachache. The best drink as I said before is the water try not to present it as freeze.

Now after drinking and eating the delicacy food, desserts time is important, no one can eat without expecting the desserts, so we will have a short journey among the Damascene desserts.

Syrian desserts are known as the most rich, tasty and royal desserts ever;

Baklawa: those crunchy yet velvety heavenly layers of buttery flakes and flavored nuts, the perfect combination for your special treat time! Syrians make dozen varieties of Baklawa, a quick sweet dish that’s great for breakfast.

Tamria: Is also used as a stuffing for the famous date cookies (Maamoul).

Rice with milk: Indulge your senses in this cool smooth creamy dessert. Rice is cooked until completely done to thicken milk. The mixture simmers to attain a perfectly smooth texture. Rose water will add a mysterious heavenly touch.

Harisi: A fail-proof recipe to prepare the famous semolina (smeed) cake. It has a much denser flavor that those made with all-purpose flour. Semolina is mixed with butter, yogurt, Syrup to sweeten the cake, added after it is done. Tahini adds a surprising, yet great final touch to Harisi.

Ramadan is the month that Muslims must fast the whole fasting time, as a duty to show their faith to God, but it is also the month that everybody is waiting to start his diet and to get rid of the bad eating habits he had during the year, so try to help yourself and your family to gain the health benefits of this period.


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