Dmitry Medvedev

behind the face

Rectangle face:

He is smart, hardworking, full of energy, and leader, he is suitable for negotiating the plans more than putting them, he is work addicted he might forget his family and parents for days if he was in the middle of something important.

  Wide smooth forehead:

He is very attracted with daydreaming. He is unable to deal with the practical life or emergency situations; he is lover more than politician.


He doesn’t like discussing the details, little showy, pessimistic, he is known as fluency man

Swilling under the eyes:

He likes to learn languages, he thinks too much about anything even if it is not worthy, he likes his appearance and he doesn’t like to think twice about the same thing.

Short thick eyebrows:

He is smart when he needs, but his love for saving his energy for the worthy things pushes him to keep himself away from troubles and adventures, he is addicted to work, but the work he likes not the duties he supposed to accomplish.

Narrow smooth cheeks:

He is lovely and he doesn’t suffer any internal pains , he might complains of his liver but it will not be serious. He knows how to choose his words and attitudes, he loves to negotiate but he never mind losing the war.

Narrow lips :

His intelligence is related to his mood, sometimes he can solve the whole problems of the world other times he couldn’t get ride of his internal simple fears. He likes to have funny-serious life.

Big nose:

He likes working as a team , he doesn’t like taking any individual decisions, he has great vital energy and strong body structure. His balanced mind and body allows him to be over self-confident.

Inconsistent ears:

He got big right ear and small lift ear which means that he feels danger or alerted when he is onto crowded place so he heats parties and crowded meetings.  He is kind of hesitant about the things he doesn’t know, is not adventurer man nor war man.


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