Breath taking in Damascus

Damascus is the heart of civilizations; all civilizations. Damascus in 21th century is the core of civilizations and modern activities; starting from the religious trips to the night clubs and parties. Damascus in Ramadan is one of the most amazing Muslim cities in the world; it is not hard for you to have the maximum joy no matter if you are religious or not.

According to the statics in 2008, the population of Damascus is 3.5 million inhabitance. Damascene people live together in a very magical harmony they like to have fun together and to join the fun.

“Damascus, considered by some scholars to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, was at times a renowned and wealthy capital and at times an occupied city. Each era brought changes in architecture, resulting in a city filled with magnificent palaces and luxurious homes. In 1979, UNESCO designated the Old City of Damascus a World Heritage site. However, the beauty is fading rapidly, and many buildings are in dire need of restoration. “ Wrote Mary Morgan Smith, Pittsburgh newspaper.

Damascus Is located in the northern area of Syria, it is considered as the first city in terms of population. Its name is a combination of tow Aramaic syllables ‘D’ and ‘Mashk’ those two syllables mean the flowering ground, and flowering ground it is.

In Ramadan many people feel confused about where to go and how to spend their time before breaking their fast. Now we are going to talk about where to go before and after breakfast; so let us start.

Public places such as , Almydan, Alkadam, Almoukhayam, and Alhajar al-Aswad areas are the most public places in Damascus, you can find everything you are looking for, and buy it for cheap price. Such areas are the most amazing areas where you can live with the poor and simple people, in such areas walking and shopping is the best choice. You can’t find afive stars western restaurants or coffee shops, so, buy your food from Almydan, your clothes from Almoukhayam, and have noisy walk in Alhajar AlAswad.

If you are looking for a place to have expensive food and expensive everything, actually I advise you to go to Alshalan, Almaleki, and abo-Remaneh, such places are the most expensive places in Damascus, they offer the best qualities, but of course if you want just to have ordinary shopping you don’t want to go there, but if you wish to have some leisure times with your friend, those are the best places you can visit, because they are quite clean and luxury. By walking east from abou-Remanah to Alshalan you will be able to buy food, clothes, CDs, roses, and vegetables, this walk will be the most expensive walk in Damascus. At the end of Alshalan you will meet with al-Hamra Street with its famous market-for women of course-here you can find goods and clothes for all ages and all styles. This street is short of restaurants or coffee shops, but never mind when you are there, you will never think of food. Walk across the Alhamraa Street and you will meet Alsalehya Souq, the amazing cheap and famous Souq in Damascus. If you are photographer be sure that you will get the best pictures you will ever take about people and crowded places.

In Damascus you are in the middle of the civilized history. The most amazing part in Damascus is ‘old Damascus’ the place where you will lose your directions in it. Old Damascus is the best place to buy your gifts and everything starting from food ending with toys; it is the right place to install your camera and start none stops shots. Old Damascus is the restaurant paradise, there are more than 100 restaurant, coffee shop, and bars, they are all cheap and can help you to be wherever you want, and I mean that you can find Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, even Indian restaurants. You also can find the Damascene style restaurants that offer the Syrian food desserts. The most famous place you should visit in old Damascus is al-Nofara between the Eastern gate of Umayyad Mosque, and the entrance of al-Qaymaria quarter. In old Damascus lays al-Nofara Cafe (the fountain name in Arabic), one of Syria’s oldest and most famous cafes, which is usually filled with noisy, chatter and music.

Al-Nofara café, with its chairs made of beech wood, small tables and ancient traditional design, take you back in time for hundreds of years. The cafe serves Narjelah (hubble-bubble) in various flavors as well as traditional drinks. Another reason that makes you pay al-Nofara a visit is the storyteller (al-hakawati) who shares ancient tales in the evenings.

You can’t be in Damascus without visiting Qassioun mountain, the amazing mountain that every one wish to live at its pick till the end of the life. Nataly Maccarthy a tourist in Syria said “I went there very early in the morning, it was empty of people, the air was so refreshing, and the view was amazing , just avoid it when it’s crowded you don’t want the loud music and car fumes to ruin the experience, so go either very late at night or very early in the morning” another Spanish tourist said “I think the best thing to do is to buy a shawarma sandwich in the city center, go to the top by car, and see the amazing view eat an absolutely delicious shawarma during the sunset. I did the same a week ago, and it was so exciting! But i agree that there are even more lovely places in Syria.” Emily, American tourist said “we went to one of the restaurants at top of mountain to watch the sunset. It was a nice view, but our evening was spoiled as the restaurant was average food and service and the taxi ripped us off by saying he would wait and take us back to the hotel. I recommend going just for a drink and to see the view and the monument to the Unknown Soldier at the bottom.” She added:” The first thing you will see when you visit Qassioun at night is the Omayyad mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, and probably the top attraction in Damascus. You will not get over how ornate the decorative elements were, and how beautiful the overall design of the place was. Inside the mosque is the Tomb of John, the Baptist and a shrine to Ali Hussein, both are worth visiting. Non-believers are welcome. “In fact, twice people asked where I was from and I told them America”. Their reaction? “Welcome!” And then they asked if they could have their picture taken with me!” Said Emily.

I know that you know Damascus, but just try to get new ideas and have another look try to see Damascus as it should be seen.


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