Barack Obama

Oval face

Obama is people oriented, and prefers charm and diplomacy to confrontation

Broad forehead

He is visionary but can become emotionally detached, a sloping forehead indicates good negotiator.

Eye brows slope downwards

He is not an action oriented, he needs time to make decisions. The eye brows are thick and low so beneath the easy going manner, he’s assertive and driven with a strong temper.


Small thin ears denote a less robust constitution; they are duel, so he doesn’t always listen to advices.


The rectangular irises show analytical, direct gaze: strong focus and ideas. The inner canthus (corner of the eye) is angled down, so he can use words as a weapon, though only as a last resort with a close associates.

Strong nose

Slops downwards, shrewd slightly, flared nostrils indicate good taste. The defined alae ( the flesh around the nostrils( show discipline with money.

Lips and mouth

He is optimist, kind and generous when ruled by his emotions, likes the good things in life.

Fairley narrow jaw indicates that he may lack the strength of his convictions his chin shows a strong will.

Low check bones:

He may not enjoy leadership as much as being president requires, because he prefers team work when making decisions, so he needs to pick up his cabinet carefully.


He has a broad smile and laughter lines, friendly and personable; as president his challenge will be implementing unpopular policies.


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