Angila Merekel

angela merkel

behind the face

Square face:

Leaders face , she is a dominating woman she has great energy, she likes cynicism, she understands others and she has great ability to read between the lines, she gives others the time to express their feeling or to explain their ideas, but at the end she will do whatever she believes is good. She is tender and more mother than political woman.

Wide forehead:

She is cleaver, smart, and has the ability to understand and accommodate others fast and deep; she is so practical, she prefer to work than to sleep. She likes to organize her internal live by herself, she has good luck and her life depends on what she gives to others.


Her eye brows show her Patience, sense of humor, and her ability to stand the harm that others might cause to her. She is social and she can address a speech for long time with making others feeling bored.

Imbalanced eyes

Her right eye seems to be deeper and littlie higher than the left one. She concentrates on what she needs until she got it; she experienced very tough circumstances in the past. She had many family problems when she was in her parents’ house. She has a sense Of Racial Discrimination, she can control her emotions once they explode.

Wrinkles of the eyes:

She has the perfect wrinkles of the wise and the popular woman, she has experienced a very cumbersome love story when she was young, she reads a lot, and she likes to stick to formalities.

She has big –under eyes –swellings; she knows more than two languages, she has tactical mind and she doesn’t like to negotiate what she attend to do with more than three people. she is more listener than talker .


She has wide cheeks due to the long space between the cheek bones and the chin,   she has healthy life with suspicious that she might suffer from her colon or her kidneys.

The nose:

She has small nose so she does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. Of course she might  get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.

The mouth:

The ends of the mouth are pointing downward so she is pessimistic and she expects the worst every time. Thinks she needs to have a break, she used to have her own secret times that she did what she had in mind without allowing any one to know about it

The chin:

She has a broad and wide chin she will face many and practical difficulties and problems in the practical life and family but she can endure and overcome all of them. She had a huge energy and many adventures.

Big ears:

She will live long , she have the ability to listen  to everybody without feeling bored but due to the ears shape , she listens without paying attention to every details


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