The moon, the sun, and something else…

 Tareq Neman

It is not rare to see someone talking to himself or talking to an imaginary man or person. Once we see someone walking around while talking to himself, we simply judge him as a crazy person or a psycho, without asking him why he is talking or what he is talking about. Many psychologists have said that when someone is talking to himself it is a good sign; that this man is healthy and he has many channels to communicate with his needs and interests. But as we are in Syria, we notice that all those who are talking to themselves are wearing dirty clothes and appearing in a very strange way, so we call them psychos, even if they are talking about ‘the feasibility of the global unity of the economic markets’. And even if we confessed that he is speaking about rightful and the most beautiful ideas, we would keep calling and considering him or her as crazy or a psycho, because we are used to see those people who are talking about such things wearing clean and formal suits, even if we know that they will talk and act in a way that will not help to solve any problem. If we had the courage to compare what they say with what the psycho says, we would have to admit that the psycho is right and presents the right solution, while they (the ‘suit people’) are moving around the problem without solving it. If you noticed; I said “if we had the courage”, but we don’t…!!! Why? Because we refuse the truth if it comes from someone we don’t respect or we misjudge. We as Syrians follow the principle “you are what your mate is”, so if we meet someone who we don’t consider as modern or respectable, we will not listen to him or her and we will do some secret gesture among us with a smart smile to show that we are listening to him or her just to have fun, even if he is talking about the construction of the atomic bomb. I know very well that you, my precious reader, have had at least one experience with such a ‘psycho’ and he managed to convince you with what he said, but you refused his words because he acts in a way and wears something that you don’t like or the society refuses. I used to work at a women’s accessories shop. The accessories were too expensive and the customers we had were from a very high class and too rich. One day, a woman stopped in front of the shop and started to look at the accessories. She was wearing shabby clothes and her hair looked like a bird’s nest. I walked out the shop to ask her to leave, because she would prevent the high-class women from stopping in front of the shop. At the moment I tried to talk to her the shop owner grabbed my hand and pulled me back. He asked: “What are you doing?” and I answered: “I am about to kick her out.” He asked me: “why?” and I said: “She is crazy; can’t you see what she looks like? No one will get close to the shop until she leaves.” Then the owner said: “Ah! This woman is the richest customer we have ever had! She spends her time traveling from country to country and she is married to a very famous and rich man, but she likes to appear this way because she hates it when people glance at her and whisper about her as a rich woman.” The woman entered the shop and bought more that 12 accessories which we consider as too expensive and I imagined myself telling her to leave; it would be a very big loss and the owner would kick me out of the shop and expel me forever. So I conclude that what we see is not what we should base our judgment on; people are not predictable as the sun and the moon. We should learn how to understand them as they are; not according to the prejudices that we have about the standards of good and bad people.


We can say it is day when we see the sun in the sky and say it is night when we see the moon, but we can’t say this man is crazy because he is doing something we don’t know about, or because he acts in a way we consider unacceptable. Someone said: “A crazy person is a balanced person but he lives in another world.” He expresses his thoughts to everyone, but what about us? We hold our feelings back; we jail them and control them and even if we discover that we talked to our self once, we will conclude that we need a psychologist and start to take medicine, while the one we judge as crazy or a psycho feels free and lives his or her life freely and happily. Someone said: “Everything is true when it is true to me.” This man also said: “Accept the sun and the moon because I believe these are true.” The thing that we should add to the quote is ‘neutrality’. Neutrality is the only truth that we should adopt as the third fact after the moon and the sun, because the sun expresses the light while moon express the dark and there is nothing else but light and dark, so we only have two choices. So, we should either be in the light or in the dark, although life has many things in between. You can’t discover all these things until you become neutral. Therefore, the third fact should be neutrality. Then and only then you will have the ability to see everything without being crazy, a psycho, or lost between them.


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