Village on mars

By Tareq Neman

            Once upon the time, there was a village in a very wonderful and quiet valley. Its people were so simple and with very worm feelings. Each family had over 15 members, who were all farmers and used to wake up before the sunrise. They loved to smell the pure breath of the sun and to see the first rays of it, invading the darkness of the sky while they were working on their farms. Most or, let me say, all of them didn’t know anything about technology and even didn’t know how to read books. They were sharing and exchanging products of their farms and that was their only knowledge about trading and market.

 Their bodies were tough and their faces were like records of their long journey through life. They hold shovels, axes, and the pickaxe, holding in the same hand their infants and sick animals. They didn’t like to fight or to have misunderstandings with each other. All their fights were easy to solve and no one had the right to expand them or to add oil to the fire. The wisdom that could be seen in their gestures and moves was showing their humaneness and hospitality.

The people of this village used to gather every Thursday night to celebrate, chat, deal, or to discuss the problems of the village. They used to gather at the spring of the village, from which they were taking water to drink, cook and wash. They used to bring their food… oh, by the way, all the women there used to spent all their time cooking for those special nights. The very important thing about those nights was that always one family, every night a different one, wasn’t there, at the spring. This family had to stay at the village and wait until the dark falls and then members of that family were entering the houses in the village, taking whatever they wanted from that houses to use it for a week. When the week finished, this family would go with others to the spring, while another family would play the same role. Everybody knew what was going on and everybody was silent. No one bothered himself to accuse anyone for taking his stuff, because they knew that they could get it back one day. They were stealing everything from each other and there was tacit agreement between them to do this thing. Everybody was happy with that…

One day a visitor passed through the village at Thursday night and he noticed that someone was moving from house to house taking the stuff and no one was around, so he stopped him and said:
“ Don’t you know that steeling is a big sin?”. The villager said:”Sorry, but what do you mean by sin?” The traveler beat him up and took him to the place where he saw the fire. There they met the people from the village and the traveler told them what he saw. They said: ”Ok, we know that. We do that every Thursday to gather and enjoy”.  The traveler said:”Oh no! This is sin! Everybody should have his own properties and should enjoy it all the time. Every house should be a private one and you should respect the efforts of others, who spent money to buy stuff. Everybody should work harder and buy his own things!” The villagers liked what he said, so they asked him to coordinate the operation of making them satisfied and to help them to achieve the point in which everybody will have everything, so they will not steal from each other again. The traveler said: “First we should have a council center… So we should elect its members and a head. At the beginning he will control the first steps to reform the final image of the authority”. There were a lot of new words that the villagers had heard for the first time, so they believed they will better, especially that this man was so respectable, so clean and well-dressed.

After a year those people canceled the Thursday night gatherings and bought a lot of locks for their doors. They also started to put fences around their fields and farms. Psychological clinics started to spread all-over the village. The people had a lot of money but they spent their time thinking about how to protect it. Other villagers started to immigrate to the village and many strangers started to live there. Many kidnappings of children and young girls were taking place, so the villagers started to buy guns and weapons to protect their properties from each other and from the strangers. When the weapons spread, there was a great danger of fights among people, so the traveler arranged a meeting with the council and suggested to get some help from another, better developed villages. He needed their help to rule and disarm the villagers, bringing military troops to the village.

After a year and a half members of the same family started to lock their rooms from each other and forbid each other to use the same clothes. After one year and 8 months the first crime took place: a man killed his brother for a kilogram of tomato… The traveler hung the killer and took the two bodies to sell their organs to some hospitals in other countries. He also punished the seller of the tomato and seized the tomatoes as a cause of crime and jailed it in his stomach.  The village turned into a large voluntary prison, where everybody was afraid of everybody. Then the wise man of the village appeared and said: ”People of the village, we used to live in peace and calmness and we were safe, having comfortable life without such laws. We know that we were wrong according to the principles of the whole world… But we were so happy back then no one had been killed before the new laws were implemented. No one had stolen anything what he didn’t need before this traveler came. We we want our life back! We were not stealing from each other, as the traveler said. We were cooperating! We were helping each other! We were borrowing from each other! Back then we were living self-sufficiently, now we need others to help us to save our children and our lives. We want our old life back even if it was a sin! “

This story and many others talking about a traveler or a wolf, like in ‘Red Riding Hood’ or the witch in ‘Snow White’, are all the same. They are all talking about how the stranger could manipulate others to achieve his bad goals.  I and other 23 millions of citizens, are asking those traveler to get out of Syria and to let us live the way we used to live, because we do care about our blood and we have many things to present to the future.


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