Is that really what we want?


By Khaldoun Zaino

translated by me (TAREQ NEMAN)

Here we are today; no Emergency Law, no State Security Court and we have a law that allows demonstrations and protects demonstrators…

Is that all?

Did our dreams come true now?

We will have a law for parties, a new media law, and a new law for local administration.

And we lowered the rates at which university graduates can be accepted by employers and official authorities for certain jobs.

Is that what we need, or what you need? Then what?

What about Golan and Palestine? What about the declining Syrian civil society? Are they rubbish and stupidities? Aren’t they the principles of our spiritual and educational dictionary? Why didn’t you mention them when you made your demands?

What about the basics of life -electricity, water, food, drinks, oil, bureaucracy and a respectable free daily life? What about love, marriage, divorce, literature, making trips, walking around and hanging around? Don’t you respect all these priorities? Don’t you care about them?

What about the security that our children used to have when they went to their schools, universities, and to the parks? Don’t you think that’s worth maintaining?

Are security and all I mentioned a burden?

Are they a violation of freedom in Syria? Syria, which they –the west – accuse of sponsoring terrorism?

Should we suffer this hard punishment?

We are still the most glowing country in the Mediterranean region; the bloody region, the region of civil wars, the region of thousands of people killed and of millions of expatriates, lost people, orphans, widows and distorted people; the region where the awful death is the better destiny to meet.

Should we always pay the high price for what we offer humanity, which has been controlled by some fools, criminals and bandits, or by some who support the vampires of capitalism, or by some people theorizing about human rights and animal rights?

Is it the culture of violence?

Of course not. It is the culture of blood, the culture that flaws the main principles…life and the pure blood.

The culture of violence. Violence becomes weak, vanquished and helpless.

The culture of cemeteries. The poor cemeteries, which are the only things that can differentiate between a criminal (who calls for al-jihad) and a martyr.   

 This bloody chaos. This chaos which is stuck between weapons, drugs, ignorance and brain washing.

Those who called for freedom are the ones who distorted hospitals and killed their teachers and neighbors.

What is that? It is nothing but a barbaric execution of the promise of collapsing and forbidding the wonderful life; forbidding the music and happiness to allow oppression, exclusion, rape, prostitution and chaos.

In front of destructing our country, faith and children we can say: what a freedom…what a peaceful protest; slaughtering, massacres against thoughts, the soul and the body, arresting the air, water, plants and all kinds of life essentials; slaughtering each and every one who can think or dream about a wonderful life full of peace and hope… or even say ‘hi’…or ‘peace be upon you’.

They want to start a war against life, against the civilization of the Syrian nation, the nation that has been shocked by the supposed Arab brothers before being shocked by the western enemy.

After everything we thank you, because you awoke us. You reminded us that we shouldn’t cover the holes in the gardens by the leaves of the trees and let our children play between them freely.


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