A writer


  By Abdulkadir Abdelli

translated my me (Tareq Neman)

After ten years I accidently met him. I used to know him very well, he was dreaming to be a merchant or important official. But I hadn’t heard anything about him. I forgot him and forgot everything about him. He started his conversation by saying “I am writer”, and he talked about the different administration positions of cultural affairs he held. The conversation was clear and frank because I thought that he was a professional in his field. In my case, many consider me as a professional writer, while others consider me as nothing. They are free to believe in everything they want. I have the irrefutable evidence that I am ignorant in art, but I insist to introduce myself as an artist; this psychological complex could live in any one of us. I told him about my writings and my projects, he in his turn asked my very smart questions, which I admired, such as “where do you write?”, “where do you recite your poems?”, “what do you write about?” and “do you have an archive for your articles?”. He dealt with me as an important person. Such atmosphere encouraged me to talk more about myself and to invite him for a coffee; I even gave him some of my articles. Actually I knew about all his official positions, but I hadn’t found any of his articles. So, I had asked some of my friends about his articles but they didn’t know them either. No one of them had seen any of his articles. So I felt that I am just like others who don’t know his articles, acknowledging that I am not reading much of Syrian writer’s articles. After a few days, some security officer asked me to visit him and during the friendly conversation that a friendly person started in that office, this friendly man asked me about something that I had never talk about but in front of that old friend…. When I got out of that office I was about to dance out of happiness, because I discovered a very new thing; the word writer is not exclusive for those who write poems, articles, plays or entertainment…No, there is a very important kind of writer: the writer who writes vexatious denunciations. The thing that really bothers me is that such writers don’t have an organization, such like the Arab writers union, and no one is aiming for such an organization. Isn’t that unfair towards them and us?


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