23-MAY-BaLAdNa EnGliSh

Aries: Today you have the chance to change your mood completely. It is time to show your abilities and to help your mates in office. Having some problems with the one you love doesn’t mean that you are going to break up. Financially; you are on the safe side.

Taurus: You are about to commit a big mistake today. Think twice before you decide or act; someone will push you to do something in contrast with your beliefs. So, be careful and telling the truth, whatever it is , is a virtue. New love is in the air.

Gemini : Traveling tomorrow or even today will be dangerous. Don’t travel alone and try to be patient. Emotionally; you are making some deadly mistakes by thinking alone; try to share your thoughts with the one you love. Financially; big changes at work.

CANCER: It is good to tell everybody about your own feelings. Stop hiding your emotions, today you will have the time and space to tell everybody what you really feel about them. Be reasonable. Financially; someone will offer you a job; don’t say no whatever it is.

LEO: It is time to be serious about some parts of your life. It is time to make your own decisions and to be brave to take the necessary steps for the better of your life. Financially; you are passing through hard times, so keep what you have in your pocket and try to be faithful.

VIRGO: All that could make you happy might happen today. You are going to make great decisions and adopt strong attitudes. Don’t let others choose for you, you have the ability to make the right decisions today. Emotionally; be tender with your love.

LEBRA: Happiness is around you so try to get it all. People will help you today to be happy and relax, so don’t lose this chance. It is time to tell the one you love about your feelings; don’t hesitate. Financially; you might find that you are short of money.

SCORPIO: Try to take advantage of your day. Try to help others and to benefit from them. It is the day when you will discover very interesting things about your work and love. Emotionally; you might get to know about something so important related to your beloved one.

SAGITTARIUS: Good news is on the way, so don’t rush. Something will happen; you will need to be cooperative and to explain and talk a lot. Don’t wait for others to play your role. Emotionally; you are committing a big mistake by not paying attention to your emotional life.

CAPRICORN: I think you are going to have a very special day. Just smile. Some of your relatives will offer you something very interesting. It’s nice today to give your love something special. Financially; you might need some support today; don’t spend too much.

AQUARIUS: Being not sure of what you are doing doesn’t mean that you are wrong. Life will help you today so don’t think too much; things will go on by themselves and will be so successful. Play smart and give others the chance to take advantage of you.

PISCES: Having some problems at work today doesn’t mean that you are luckless. You might meet the love of your life today so dress well this afternoon. Be more active today and try to take the initiative to change your financial future.


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