Rima Barakat:The reform plan should move quickly


By KHaldoun Zino

translated By me (Tareq Neman)

Rima Barakat -politician, researcher and expat- returned to her country Syria from the USA carrying the feeling of sadness and longing. Although she gave a lecture based on her research on ‘the media in the Middle East’, the cultural and sentimental purpose of her visit was “to gain factual knowledge of the events in this wonderful, great Syria, because media are presenting a confusing, horrible and depressing image of the happiest and safest country all over the world; a country of creative people, who make it unique and great whether they live in it or are expats,” she said. Exclusive Hours before her departure she insisted on reviving her memories of Syria and Damascus; she insisted on walking through the streets to watch people alone. She was so exhausted. She said: “You in Syria are used to stay up late. It is ok; I’ll talk to you and give Baladna English an interview. It is my wish, despite all the fatigue.” You are a member of the U.S. Republican Party and a specialist in media affairs, business administration and a politician…could you please tell us some details? Let me clarify one thing. It is right that I am a member of the Republican Party but I belong to the moderate wing, which means that we are against ‘extremism’ and against the ‘neoconservatives’, which means too that we are against Bush’s movement and its connections with the Zionists and its establishments. You talked about the Zio-Christi and their plans…Please, tell us more. Of course…the Christian Zionist movement is getting bigger and bigger with the support of the Zionist state and Zionist American and especially of the Zionist Jews, which means that not all Jews are supporting it and there are also some Arab people supporting, financing and obeying its orders. Those Arab people are well known and they are the first people who seek to spread chaos and factionalism, tearing the national unity, sovereignty and culture of people apart. Their main purpose is to announce the new Middle East. You are talking about facts, examples and documents. Could you please give some examples from your political experience? Yes, sure. There is a famous document explaining the layout of the new Middle East, especially concerning Syria. This document was prepared by the neoconservatives in the year 1996 and presented in cooperation with the Zionist Jews to Netanyahu; Richard Byrd was well known among them. Since that time they have been adopting the policy of ‘tearing the Arab land apart’ to achieve the main purpose; an ensured future for Israel. They are applying the policy of this document in a very fast and dangerous way; Iraq was the first step, and they are moving quickly now with the return of Netanyahu. But there are social and public movements, right? Such movements, which they call ‘movements for liberty and reform’, are not spontaneous. They are well-trained movements, according to Mrs. Clinton. She has given examples of how movements in Egypt were trained by some foreign people and pointed to what is going in Syria now. Those movements are similar to the movements in Georgia and Ukraine. It is also worth mentioning the coup against Chavez in Venezuela by some of such movements, although they have failed to achieve their goals. It would be useful to know how to deal with and meet the demands of our people. Now, national unity is needed regardless of ideology, because the plan is criminal, terrible and well-performed. But I am sure it will not succeed in Syria, because Syria is different from all other countries in the Middle East. You are in the U.S. Republican Party, but you are adopting different cultural and political attitudes… How come? I have been raised in Jordan and I belong to the culture of the Levant, which means the greater Syria which has been ripped apart after the Sykes-Picot agreement and the waves of colonization. I am innately nationalistic. What about the expatriates in America? Expatriates form the Levant are so many and they are so educated. They find themselves on a higher cultural and scientific level than the average citizen. About 40% of them are Bachelor degree holders, while 24% of the Americans are. 73% of them occupy a senior position and according to my research 18% of them is receiving more than 100 thousands dollar per year as a salary, while 12 % of the Americans receive such an amount. But we can’t distinguish or notice these great abilities of the expatriates. Why not? Expatriates from the Levant make up of more than 60% of the Arab expatriates and they are well educated and receive high salaries, but they are neglected by the embassies of their countries. You are here now, under the rainy sky. What would you like to say? For sure, Syria is subjected to huge injustice. It is clear that there is a huge effort to destabilize this country, so the reform plan should move quickly. Syria has all the economic and cultural potential; people here are so educated and conscious. There are some demands and that is good, but this is not the right way of achieving them. In the USA, if the Americans or anyone else demonstrate without prior permission, they will go to jail, all of them. What I saw in Syria is a chaos, not democracy. We should focus on lessons in awareness. We should communicate with the expatriates; their attitude is great. Syria is able to pass this tribulation; we shouldn’t be hesitant or too late.


One thought on “Rima Barakat:The reform plan should move quickly

  1. She is the prettiest. I’m just so glad it’s not yet another cookie-cutter blond. Rima Farikh was definitely the hottest, and deserved to win, and I’m glad we’re finally eliminating the concept of European beauty as the sole hallmark of “gorgeous” from society.

    so what do you think? u mad?

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