22-MAY-Baladna English

Aries: You will have a fiery day, full of action and interaction. Be reasonable today; you will have a meeting with some important persons. Don’t tell lies and be straight. Emotionally; your lover is going to do something very special for you, so be ready.

Taurus: A good day you will have. Although you will regret some actions and attitudes of yours in the previous week, don’t bother yourself thinking about it; you will forget it soon. Someone will call you and tell you some good and unexpected news.

 Gemini: If you are on a trip today or tomorrow; beware of strangers or new friends. It will be a big mistake to allow them to lead you or to chat with you. Emotionally; you are about to hear some great news about your beloved, so keep up the good thinking.

 CANCER: What a good day for you. You are about to get what could change your life and work. Be patient today; listen to all and give them your opinion. Emotionally; you should forget about romance. Cheer up!

LEO: You will need some rest today; your mind is working too much. It will not help you to think, so try to be more relaxed and don’t think about anything. Emotionally; you are on the safe side. Financially; you might lose some money but you have big chance to change your job.

VIRGO: Clear sky, sunny day; all what you need today, so have fun. Don’t think too much today and let it go. Everything will be for the best for you, so don’t worry. Emotionally; new love will knock at your door. Consider it, it will not harm you.

Libra: You might pay some money today to fix something in the house and you might need to borrow some extra money. Emotionally; you are having some problems today. Be patient; everything will be all right, it is just one day.

SCORPIO: You will have to take an important decision today, so be careful and don’t lose your friends. Emotionally; your beloved will tell you something very confusing about your relationship and he might ask you to do him a big favor you can’t effort.

SAGITTARIUS: Your managers will blame you for some mistakes you haven’t made. Don’t try to negotiate with them; it will not affect your work and evaluation. Try to be more active and patient. Emotionally; you are about to hear something very important, as well as good news about your beloved one.

CAPRICORN: The day of deals and success; if you are in the middle of a big project; you are about to succeed. If not; you are about to start great business. Emotionally; some problems and misunderstandings will take place between you and the one you love.

AQUARIUS: Love is the main theme of today; love will fill your life, so be cooperative and don’t listen to gossips. Financially; you will receive a very important call about new work. Think twice before deciding about it. Emotionally; your lover is waiting for your response on something important.

 PISCES: It is time to review what you have done in the last months. Memories of money issues will pass your mind and push you into depression. This will make you sad, so don’t go to any public places today and keep yourself away from some of your relatives.


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