18-may-2011 horoscopes

Aries: Trusting others is a virtue. Today you will need to trust people because you will find yourself in a place that will force you to concentrate and ask for help. Emotionally: you are on a good position. Be patient; the better things are to come.

Taurus: Good day, lucky day! Try to play in a clever and smart way; help yourself to get over your steady ideas and thoughts. It is nice to think twice before you judge people today. Financially: you are about to get extra money. Emotionally: something is going on behind your back.

Gemini: You are still playing with fire, I think. It would be good if you thought before you act today. Help others but first help yourself; try to be patient and objective. Emotionally: you will feel that everything will be all right, if you only want it to be.

CANCER: You are in power today, so play it good! Emotionally: you will find that the one you are in love with, is doing some foggy acts or has some weird behaviors, so it will be nice to talk to him/her before you judge. Financially: some confusing reactions will make you worried.

LEO: Confusing week… So what? You have the ability to rearrange whole your life and to start everything again. Today you will find out that you have to rethink your priorities and decisions u have made. Be active and act fast! Help some people with money today.

VIRGO: Love is in the air; dress well and be nice – you will meet someone who will make your day… or maybe even your future! It is good to be nice today. Hope is what you need. Financially: you will be asked to do some extra work to get some extra money.

Libra: Buying a car or expensive thing today is not a good idea; delay all your plans for today and try to stay home as long as you can. Today is the inauspicious day! Emotionally: you might have some communication problems with your beloved one.

SCORPIO: Good day you will have today. Dress well, try to be active and be a good listener. Emotionally: some surprises will show you how wrong you were! Financially: you are about to find a new job so try to do well today and cheer up.

SAGITTARIUS: If you think that you control everything, then you are wrong! Some unexpected reactions will take place around you and will push you to make fast and uncharted decisions. You should be careful today. Emotionally: you are about to hear some good news today.

CAPRICORN: Is it your lucky day? Almost; it depends on you this time. You should be more self-confident today. Don’t try to delay anything at your work till tomorrow. Someone will call you and tell you about some job you should do; don’t miss the call!

AQUARIUS: Splash your ideas like water today; don’t hide your feelings; stars are supporting you and strengthening your attitudes. Try to help your managers without nagging. Emotionally: you will have to make a big and serious decision.

PISCES: Giving the chance to others will be your duty today. You will find yourself face to face with big decisions. You should be patient and understand others’ needs, play fair and give yourself a break to manage your needs today.


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