Official Media

By Khaldoun Zino

Traslated by me (Tareq Neman)

It is very obvious that our lovely Syria is experiencing special and hard time that shocked everybody.

The country ranked on a first place in public safety and social freedom, has become a victim of a many efforts to confuse it, to topple it and to destroy it because it forms melting pot of cultures, with marvelous history.

According to sociology and psychology, it is clear that media play the main role in such cases.  Let us talk frankly: the reality of the official Syrian media bears the major responsibility for what we are experiencing now. The official media in Syria are ‘Syrian’ just according to the administrative method; they do not reflex the cultural features of the Syrian people.

I am not criticizing anyone, because the judgments that we used to make when it comes to Syrian media were caused by the mentality of monopoly and arrogance, and have been affected by declared knowledge and lacks of it, what destroyed the credibility and trust between the people and official media starting with weather forecast and not ending with dealing critical public affairs.

The media in Syria are either ignorant or are lying. Those two facts are dishonorable and do not suit the level of civilization and the culture of the Syrian people.

The surprising thing is, that some concerned people are still insisting to work according to the same old conservative ways of education and training; although, Syria has the well trained, famous, and internationally known broadcasters. We don’t need much time to see that many important, leading people in several global news stations are from Syria.
Many of them have already resigned, but what if they wanted to defend their country? Do they have a chance to do it? Do those, who believe in and support the development and modernization project that has been announced by president Bashar al-Assad in his first speech, have an opportunity to work, contribute or even to defend this project? The truth is: “NO, they haven’t”.

Syrian channels still live and work as if they were in another strange, groundless world. Even Addonia channel, the one that is supposed to fill the void and to help other Syrian channels in their duties, is instead broadcasting the astrologist every morning and insists on showing ‘Sabaya’ series, as if the Syrian citizens were depending on horoscopes to decide their own lives.

Those facts reflect what someone has said: “if you want to offend a great and fair case, just defend it in very poorly and bad way”.  I am not talking about anyone’s morality or intentions. I am simply talking about science, communicational skills and about the general rights of the homeland and citizens’ rights.

Syrian citizen pays very high price for supporting the media which offend him and do not respect his mind, intelligence and culture.

Syria is more important than fool, dull, and sluggish improvises which do not respect the audience.


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