11-MAY-horoscopes Baladna English

Aries :

Today you might feel angry without having logical reasons for that. Try to focus on your work and stay home after work. Today it is not good for you to go shopping. It is nice to visit your relatives today if you don’t like staying home, but don’t go shopping.


Try to be happy today, it is your day. Your family might surprise you, so give them the chance to make you happy. Emotionally; you are on the safe side you will not face any problems, but you might be a little jealous at the end of this day.

Gemini :

If you still feel that you are not well today, don’t worry; it will not last for the rest of the day. Be honest today, you might face some critical situations. You might need to lie or to change some facts.  Emotionally; your partner is in love with you, so relax.


Give yourself a break. Don’t think too much about your future. You will have a great day today, so try to take advantage of the positive atmosphere around you. Emotionally; your partner might surprise you today, take care of your family.


Don’t waste the chance to improve you self today. Give yourself a break and think well before you act. It is nice to give some money to poor people. Some family problems may affect your mood badly, but don’t worry; everything is going to be all right.


Being among a lot of people will not help you to get rid of the lonely feeling, so don’t bother yourself by thinking too much about it. Emotionally; you might hear some news that could make you angry, so try to control your reactions. Emotionally; you are on the safe side.


It is nice to have new clothes and a new cell phone. Try to go outside the house today. Help others to get some money today. If you feel that you are sick, don’t worry; you are not, so just keep going. Emotionally; you might need a hug.


To be happier today call the one you love and forget all his/her faults. Be careful at work today; someone is going to include you in something illegal because he needs your help in arranging it. It’s up to you. Financially; you might lose some money today.


Help yourself today and get some sleep. It is nice today to be cooperative and to help others to get their work done. Emotionally; you might feel that your partner is bothering you by his requests and suspicious behavior, so put some limits.


Getting a new job is possible today, so dress well. It is good to answer all your calls so you have more chances for more jobs. Take care of your parents. Emotionally; you are about to hear good news about your love, so be patient.


Be careful today and don’t deal with any electronic equipment. Financially; you might lose some money today, so be ready. Emotionally; it is great to give your partner a chance to express his feeling and tell you what he/she has in mind.


It is not your day, so stay neutral. Don’t start any business and don’t argue with anyone; just try to eat well and to keep smiling, no matter what happens. Financially; you are about to get a new job, so stay calm. Don’t go shopping today.


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