The boy and The Moon

Tareq Neman

Once upon a time there was a boy, a boy who loved his mother the most. He followed her where ever she went. He dreamt about her. She was everything for him. One day they were walking back home from a family visit, when he ran to catch a fistful of stones. He started to throw the stones to the sky and shouted loudly: “Hey you, go away! I will kill you, I don’t want you there any more, do you understand me??” The mother was shocked of his behavior and said: “My darling, why are you angry? Don’t shout like that, you might wake up the neighbors. Why are you so angry?” ….He said: “He is following you, I will kill him…” The mother looked around herself and across the street; no one was there. She said: “Oh dear little boy, there is no one out there, we are alone in the street.” The boy shouted: “NO, he was following you all the way; from my grandmother’s house till here.” She asked him: “Oh, do you see him now?” The boy answered: “Yes, he is over there” and pointed to the sky. The little boy pointed to the full moon. The moon was the enemy for the little boy, who needed to safe and protect his mother, his every thing… How come he felt that the most romantic and ideal thing became the most dangerous enemy for the boy? He –the boy- had not learned what the moon was. He had not learned that everything has its own laws and nature. The only thing he had learned was how to protect his mother from those who might cause pain to his mother or harm her. That’s why he shouted at the moon, the moon which lightened his way to the house; the moon which balances life on earth; the moon that helps lovers to express their feelings and poets to write down their pains. He didn’t know any of such things. That is why the mother didn’t beat him or shout at him; she knew that he acted according to his fears and his love, that’s why he shouted and fought the moon. Ignorance might lead to childish behavior, whatever the age is. No matter if the frightened one is a man or a woman, old or young, educated or non-educated; when someone doesn’t know what something is he or she will be so wild and tough, especially when it comes to his or her family or den. So he will try to avoid such a thing or replace it, or even explode it in a very embryonic way because he or she doesn’t know how to deal with it, especially when others share the same fears with him or her; they will become angrier and more ignorant and will encourage each other to prevent and push such thing away. It is not a big deal of the unknown thing is a tree, mountain or even a rare kind of animal or alien. It becomes dangerous when someone doesn’t know the reality of something and this could affect a nation or believe, because when he will stand against this thing he will stand against the whole nation and affect all its sources and dreams. He will shout and throw stones and might break many precious things, while he thinks that he is fixing something and doing the right thing for his future and for those who he loves. So his ignorance pushes him to consider everything as an enemy. He will fight and he might die because of his ignorance. Back to the story … when the mother realized that her boy was worried about her and had no idea about what the moon is, and when she became aware of the love that pushed the boy to throw stones at the moon and shout in the middle of the night she realized the boy needed to learn more. The boy needed to learn about the principles and essentials of life and the things that he might face and wonder about. She said: “I appreciate the love you have for me but we have to acknowledge that life needs more understanding. You need to be patient and ask me before you do such things. It is not good to shout at night, but thank you for shouting, because you taught me to tell you and show you everything; to teach you all the details about life and how to understand others. I love you kid, you are what I have and you need me as I need you. The moon is something that people respect; it is there to help us. He follows us to show us the way and to protect us.” The boy smiled to the moon and put his tiny fingers over his lips, to send the moon a big kiss.


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