Social prosperity

By Najeeb Nseer


translated by me (Tareq Neman)


We won’t be fantasizing or exaggerating, or even unrealistic when we decide that successful and prospering communities of this world all over this planet. It is exactly in this life that there are secular communities, which give us a true reflection of the accumulative human accomplishments through human experience in order for us to take advantage from it, or, at least to avoid making its mistakes. This is an open invitation to all human races to interact and participate in building human civilization through communication and receptiveness to the achieved knowledge of the other, who is necessarily existent and is necessary for the ego to exist.

Yet, in our country and maybe in other countries secularism is still incomprehensible, because it has been deformed through the primitive radical media, which make people dislike  secularism by suggesting that it’s opposite to religion without paying any effort to study, consider and explain it fairly. Therefore secularism has been restrained by insults, discouragement and condemnation, especially under the influence of an oral culture which depends on a theoretical way of explaining, discussing or even prosecuting knowledge about some socio-cultural elements that could easily be obtained.

That is why the definition of the secular remains about anti-religion and anti-religiosity, while the real definition of the secular is considering a wide-ranging culture that provides people their rights in practicing intellectual and ideological freedom under the law, and only the law.

Due to that, we can’t demand the principle of a separation of powers and its important influence on the governance of the state. This can’t be established without implementing secularism, because without implementing secularism the structure of the state will be prone to any sacred authority damaging or affecting this separation.     


According to some statistics and articles that express the needs of society, we find that democracy in many places or states is the most urgent demand. But democracy as a successful therapy curing society and allowing it to express its needs, expresses or shows the principle of secularism, because democracy is the protection by the majority of the minority and not the singling out of the minority, or the enforcement of the minority to implement the wishes of the majority. This action needs an atmosphere of secularism to enable people to enjoy their rights as equally as they should. So, we should acknowledge that secularism is a wide open space, not a negative ideology or an idea that anyone can defeat, stop or even negotiate.

It is an environment created by the will of the community to enhance cultural performance of the society under the umbrella of freedom, without restricting the imagination by common ideas or individual believes. This environment is the only place where a state could be produced that is functional at any time and any place by ignoring the intellectual wars and paying attention to reasonable competition, which should be produced by the natural interaction of the social culture at home.

The date-palm can’t grow in the coffee cup. The ideas, creations and all aspects of the human being are like the date-palm; they can’t live in narrow and limited spaces. That’s why the human presence on earth should be accompanied with achievements that could keep up with the continuous changing of human life; because ideas and creations should change human life to be worthy. This change should occur in a compatible environment that supports the present and by accepting the difference between communities as a form of argumentation that could lead to improved results in the cultural formula of societies .


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