9-may- horoscopes Baladna english

Aries :

A big chance to get a new job today or to have some extra money. Try to be more active today, if you think that you might lose some opportunities; rethink. Emotionally, you might face some problems with the one you love.


You might face some problems at work today. A complicated situation is not to be solved today so control your reactions; you don’t want to regret your actions. Some help will push you to the edge. Help others to get help.

Gemini :

You might need to do something more important to gain others’ trust. Help yourself by rearranging your priorities. Emotionally; you are settled so don’t worry. It is your day to say whatever you want; just express yourself to get what you need. 


Money is not everything in life. Try to find your way today. It is time to discover some unexpected features you have, so concentrate. Good news is on the way, so keep smiling and be optimistic. Emotionally; it is time to say NO.


Don’t postpone anything you can do today. Do your duties and don’t forget the priorities. It is time to manage some unresolved problems. Emotionally; you are going too far and too fast; take a break and think deeply. Try to analyze what you are experiencing.


Have you ever been angry? Today you will be. Try to control your feelings and think before you make any decision. It is not good to stop trusting others, so you might need to take an early break today.  Emotionally; your beloved will tell you very interesting news


Helping others today will raise your mood. Drive carefully and beware of water in the house. Your lover is in love with you today, so don’t negotiate with him too much. Give yourself some breaks during the day. If you think you are sick; you are not. 


Keep your friends close and keep your enemy closer. Today you will discover that someone whom you trusted is not worthy to count on, so try to be diplomatic and not to tell everybody about what will happen today.


Great news about your family is on the way, so be patient. Eat less food today. A stomachache might bother you; don’t worry, it won’t be dangerous. Your beloved is trying to raise your attention, so communicate with him/her more.


It is time to say what you think and what you are hiding in your mind. People will support you, especially at work. You might lose some money today. Don’t worry, you will get more tomorrow. Don’t be angry at your beloved today; he/she might do something wrong. 


Be more active today. Someone will try to watch your behavior at work in order to offer you a great new position. In love; you are about to fall in love again or some lost love will appear soon. Financially; nothing new but some relative will ask you to give him/her some money. 


You will do it again and feel so sorry about your reactions. You have to forgive and remember your promises. Take care of your family more and give them more time. Your day is about to be more interesting, so expect the best.


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