Fistful of dollars

By Ayda Salameh

Translated by me (Tareq Neman )

Homeland is a geographic area that we were born on and live on it; we eat from the fruits that this land gives us. If we are in unity with this land, we will merge with it; it will become us and we will become the homeland. Homeland is an assembly of values, cultures, behaviors, literature, arts and heritage, which are related to the principles and values of the society; homeland is a touch of civilization, visible in every detail, adhering to the firm, basic values; it means the ideals and the joint cultural actions. Home means social and moral obligations towards the community and the nation; it means work in favor of their advantage and fighting the damages that could affect them; it means to keep their wealth, to participate in a social, economic and cultural development and to fight for them, being ready to sacrifice one’s money, soul and children; it means to challenge the tendentious rumors that aim to create confusion, unrest, strife and skepticism, in order to save the public property. Home is a place that provides to its inhabitants freedom and rights that have been enshrined by the Constitution and law of the State. This small introduction is a must to start with and to remind that the nation and the citizen create a real partnership that cannot be broken, unless the both sides disappear. Events taking place those days in our home – what we read and we hear about some Syrians who transferred their money outside Syria, claiming that the country is not safe anymore so they need to flee with their money – they terminate the contract of partnership between citizens and their home. Now, doing this, they become strangers and lose all their rights in their homeland; they are not citizens of our home anymore, because leaving home when it goes through hard times is just a treason. Neither being a supporter, nor a protester against the government should mean leaving the home, as it is a place for us all. Shall we sell our home for fistful of dollars? Shall we sell it for money and spend our life running from one bank to another, from one state to another, unconcerned with what may happen in the land that fed us and made us what we are now? Is our home a bottle of cola that we can get rid of, when it becomes empty? Of course no, because our home will kick out such people and will step over them. The future of our home will not be dependent on such greedy people, neither on their dollars. Their destiny is to end up in the dustbin of the history, as they are dangerous more than the Jewish in Palestine. What is going on in Syria now is a difficult test and tragic experience not because of the dramatic events, but because of the truth that we have discovered about those who broke the agreement between them and their home; about those who sold their home for a kiss of Judas Iscariot. The result is clear because “we are not a vile nation, not few in number, with poor resource and meaningless; we are a strong and great nation; we are great by our gifts, we have great essential resources and great soul” Antoine Saadeh.


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